World War Heroes v1.29.3 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Ammo/Premium)

World War Heroes v1.29.3 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Ammo/Premium)

Category: Action - Publisher: Azur Interactive Games Limited - App Name: World War Heroes: WW2 FPS

Last version: 1.29.3

Size: 860MB
MOD Info: Menu/Ammo/Anti-Kick/Premium
Update: 2021/11/05
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1.28.3 - MOD V1
1.28.3 - MOD V2
1.28.3 - Original
1.29.3 - MOD V1
1.29.3 - MOD V2
1.29.2 - MOD V1
1.29.2 - MOD V2

World War Heroes (MOD, Menu/Ammo/Premium) is a ferocious and thrilling action shooter game featuring a variety of fun game modes and WW2-based weapons to play with.

World War Heroes: WW2 FPS is the best auto FPS shooting game, with brand additional features that are new and of top graphic quality. The game has introduced new battle seasons, so players will experience new battle effects. Additionally, the user interface has enhanced than it was before, with a an exclusive control menu system.


World War Heroes is a excellent shooting simulation game set during World War 2 in Europe that lets players get immersed in the gruesome battle scene in the World and don the uniform of a soldier to participate in the battles. The game comes with high-quality 3D graphics that give an authentic experience for players as they combat. The game has also improved the mechanics for explosive damage as well as the option to turn off graphic battle scenes which helps to reduce the game’s unhealthy visuals. In addition, it offers an updated Luzon map, a temporary game mode, as well as a variety of new weapons.

Additionally, this no-cost game also has an online multiplayer mode which lets players battle with players from various countries across the world. Additionally the game is compatible with Vietnamese to ensure that Vietnamese players can enjoy the best experience with the game with no language barriers. The players will be able to explore seven battle zones that are legendary and four different types of modern combat gear from Russia and in the US, Japan, and Germany in the fierce battles that take place around the world. The shooting game allows players to command tanks on the battlefield as it has never been before within other gaming genres.


The new players will receive thorough instructions on how to master World War Heroes’ gameplay and distinctive features. The game features a simple moving and aiming control system which means that players can quickly master the game after just a few levels. If you’ve ever played the FPS shooting game, then the usage of the control system is easy.

The left side of the screen features an movable joystick as well as tiny maps that help players keep track of their positions and their opponents more swiftly and easily. On the right-hand part of the screen, you will find the need to change the perspective of the player and the aim button, the button to heal , and throw the grenade. All of these three buttons will appear at the same angle on the upper right of the screen and the requirement to rotate the view angle is below so that players to easily change their perspectives. If you can combine changing the angle of your perspective, and shooting accurately you will be able to beat opponents.


World War Heroes has added new weapons for players, like weapons knives, grenades, and tanks, allowing players to change between weapons and eliminate enemies quickly. In each stage, players can earn some gold, which they can use to purchase or upgrade their weapons to make them stronger and increase their damage. This feature is beneficial to many players as their characters can provide top quality guns to the battlefield and fight with peace of mind.

Furthermore, the wide range of uniforms for military and other accessories, enable players to construct a variety of tactics and games in each battle. The game features five game modes that offer players many unique experience with every game mode, such as Life and Death Team, Mortal War, Capture Points Life and Death Team with bombs, hegemony and a few other variations.


World War Heroes has beautiful 3D graphics, combat spaces as well as characters and weapons included in the game are in the context that was World War II, making players feel more absorbed in the game. The battle scene is rendered clear and incredibly fiercely, with images of weapons and bombs and everything else in the game is drawn in a realistic and precise manner.

The guns that are used in the game have various recoils and ranges, as well as the characters’ diverse uniforms create the most authentic experience for gamers. The vibrant sound of the game with trumpets, drums, and drums attracts players who wish to join in a battle that is fierce. Furthermore the sound of each gun, once fired is recreated in different ways and players can clearly experience the intense heat that comes with each game.

This is a stunning shooting simulation game featuring stunning 3D graphics, an intense battle scene, and high audio quality, providing thrilling games and exciting experiences for players. The game’s intense gameplay provides high-level levels of competition for players. with the game, players will be able to show their skill in shooting.