Wonder Merge v1.3.53 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Wonder Merge v1.3.53 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category: Puzzle - Publisher: CookApps - App Name: Wonder Merge

Last version: 1.3.53

Size: 73M
MOD Info: Unlimited Money
Update: 2021/11/09
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1.3.34 - MOD
1.3.31 - MOD
1.3.36 - MOD
1.3.38 - MOD
1.3.40 - MOD
1.3.42 - Original
1.3.44 - MOD
1.3.44 - Original
1.3.46 - MOD
1.3.48 - MOD
1.3.53 - MOD

Wonder Merge The Magic Merging with Collecting is a wonderful puzzle game in which players are dragons who can magically bring back their home and extend the area they reside in. The story of the game revolves around magical fire-breathing creatures that for centuries inhabited the Celestial Meadow until they got dirty due to the application of the curse of a fairy. To eradicate their presence, the dragon has to get the support of the user and combine like animals to create more powerful creatures. Each animal have the responsibility to repair damaged land and restore their former form to us.

Wonder Merge – Magic Merging and Collecting Games


It is the Wonder Merge game will keep in the process of collecting and merging until the land grows. Players will continue to combine and collect evolutions in order to make your game’s land more impressive. If you mix with as many creatures as you can and collect more eggs, you’ll increase the area of your land. Additionally you will receive assistance by elves in the process of improving the land.

You are able to fuse as you like and also voluntarily join dragons and eggs without paying any money and everything is free. That means you can fusion any species of the same type without any restrictions in any cell. drag creatures to the place of fusion you prefer and then they’ll hatch eggs that will help you to improve the terrain.

This is a thrilling puzzle game. The player’s goal is to save Sky Meadow by combining eggs, collecting dragonsand developing creatures, and more. All of these are at your disposal to save the landscape. You’ll need to use your brains to master this fusion game to pass through difficult levels. The graphics and the sound in the game play an essential aspect that makes this game appealing to a lot of players as the graphics are clear and the music is relaxing. Take part in the battle to get rid of the dirt and create a new and improved area.