Tom and Jerry: Chase v5.3.43 APK + OBB (Full)

Tom and Jerry: Chase v5.3.43 APK + OBB (Full)

Category: RPG - Publisher: NetEase Games - App Name: Tom and Jerry: Chase

Last version: 5.3.43

Size: 1.5GB
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Update: 2021/11/05
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We are all already familiar with Tom and Jerry, the most famous animated movie around the globe. It’s also interesting that it’s become an interesting subject for game developers to develop enjoyable games based on the film. Of course, a game with the identical title Tom and Jerry: Chase is one. It is an action-packed adventure game that was designed to bring players to experience the thrilling pursuits and chases that are typical from Tom as well as Jerry. In this particular game, you take control of one of these characters on their endless adventure.


Famous characters such as Tom, Jerry, Butch, … will appear in the game. Of course their primary task in life is to compete with to fight each other in exciting pursuits. Players are able to pick any of their characters to begin to complete the task given to each individual.

The place, naturally is in a mansion , and players are free to change directions to trim the tail or capture the goal. In addition, as you travel there are items that have special functions which can aid players in certain scenarios. They are classified into various categories and can only be used by specific characters. For instance, Tom will use weapons to get Jerry while Jerry utilizes traps to purchase time.


Tom’s aim is to stop Jerry from collecting bits of cheese scattered across the globe. Jerry’s goal is to stay away from the face and tail of Tom when he is collecting small pieces of delicious cheese. The locations for the pieces of cheese are obscured on the map, to Tom they’ll be shown while Jerry must search for them. Naturally, when Jerry discovered the location, the cheeses would begin to show up on maps. Since Jerry can’t immediately gather the cheeses, they take short amount of time to find.


We’re all well-versed in the visual and sound effects that are featured in those episodes from “Tom and Jerry”. Of course, they all are going to be present during this video game. With each action and collision, players will experience a familiar feeling as these familiar sounds are heard. In addition, the graphics of the game will be created with an animated look similar to those of the “Tom and Jerry” versions from 2000 and up.


In the course of the chase, hunters are able to interact with diverse items to fulfill the goal of cutting tail or hunting. There are numerous things to utilize and there are items that can be utilized frequently. Additionally, this game includes a wide variety of different ways to play, that go beyond collecting cheese. With the variety of options it is certain to give players the most enjoyable feeling and experience in this game.


Because it’s a game on video and costumes are optional, adding them to characters is a fascinating idea. It’s not a concept anymore, but a reality. Every character will sport various costumes. Players can unlock them by completing a variety of different conditions. These are fairly easy and the majority of them are achievable while playing the thrilling racing of “Tom and Jerry”.