The Walking Dead: Survivors v1.12.2 MOD APK + OBB (Immortal/One Hit)

The Walking Dead: Survivors v1.12.2 MOD APK + OBB (Immortal/One Hit)

Category: Strategy - Publisher: Galaxy Play Technology Limited - App Name: The Walking Dead: Survivors

Last version: 1.12.2

Size: 452M
MOD Info: Immortal/One Hit
Update: 2021/11/06
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1.12.2 - MOD

The Walking Dead: The Survivors (MOD Impermanent/One Hit Kill) is a turn-based role-playing game that uses building factors to help players to explore and reconstruct their beloved sanctuary for survivors.

The subject of illnesses and natural catastrophes is the one that everyone is interested in. Recently, films about the subject of epidemics, flu and viral infections have always drawn a huge amount of fake others. Therefore, in the area in game design, there are games that cover any subject are well-developed. The game of survival as well as the zombie outbreak are two of the top topics that have been conducted in recent times. Today, I’ll introduce this game The Walking Dead: Survivors A game that has been sweeping the market.

The Walking Dead: Survivors


The Walking Dead: Survivors will concentrate on survival instead of fighting, since zombies are too strong. Thus, finding sources of food and water must be a given. Building shelters and houses is crucial to protect your life A safe haven can be created by objects you can find in the maps. Making your own weapons out of things that seem to be worthless is also a an act of creativity.

Be aware of the other players as everyone is welcoming. You can also gather items from the map, trade them to get what you want and trade with other players to get what you want. This survival game offers elements of surprise, which stimulate the imagination and creative thinking of players. The battle scenes and hiding from zombies provide players with the excitement of being in a stalemate. Download the game today on your smartphone to experience the most amazing and unforgettable experience.