TAPSONIC TOP v1.23.19 MOD APK (Always Perfect)

TAPSONIC TOP v1.23.19 MOD APK (Always Perfect)

Category: Music - Publisher: NEOWIZ - App Name: TAPSONIC TOP

Last version: 1.23.19

Size: 91M
MOD Info: Always Perfect
Update: 2021/10/31
Get it On:
1.23.15 - MOD
1.23.14 - MOD
1.23.15 - Original
1.23.16 - MOD
1.23.17 - MOD
1.23.18 - MOD
1.23.19 - MOD

This world filled with idols is revealed with awe-inspiring clarity in front of the participant’s eyes. It encourages them to explore the world of the TAPSONIC TOP Music Grand Prix. They will then pick their spot in the group and begin singing their most loved track. While doing so each role in the game has particular characteristics that you should be able to consider or test the game in your own way. This is definitely an exciting game that will keep you entertained.

TAPSONIC TOP – Music Grand prix


If you play singing, you take in a certain amount stamina. In the event that you’re exhausted then you’ll need to perform other tasks or purchase more energy to enjoy. It is a way that allows players to play the game in a way that is enjoyable. In addition, at the start your game players will get a choice of four multipliers, each with distinct characteristics that are highlighted on their pictures. Therefore, each note will have an unique impact on the game.

After you’ve selected the song, you’ll notice at the top left corner of the screen the name of the song and an element that is in line with the character’s location. As previously mentioned that the four characters be in different positions and based on the song the amount of points will be calculated accordingly. Therefore, you can select any character you want to play the game, or pick the ones that are in tune with the music to earn the highest score during this particular game.