Superlingo: Learn Lanaguages v1.4.2 APK + MOD (Plus Subscription)

Superlingo: Learn Lanaguages v1.4.2 APK + MOD (Plus Subscription)

Category: Education - Publisher: Learn Language - Super Chinese - App Name: Superlingo: Learn Languages

Last version: 1.4.2

Size: 80M
MOD Info: Plus Subscription
Update: 2021/11/06
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1.3.4 - Plus/Extra
1.3.3 - Plus/Extra
1.3.4 - Original
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1.3.8 - Plus/Extra
1.3.7 - Plus/Extra
1.4.0 - Plus/Extra
1.4.1 - Plus/Extra
1.4.2 - Plus/Extra

Superlingo – Learn Languages is a fun, free application that offers users an opportunity to study different languages. If you are always self-conscious since you are unable to communicate with people from other countries, then take a look at this app. It offers a range of Chinese-English bilingual classes for all. Beginning with the letter o can eventually become proficient in both languages using the application.

In our modern world communicating is vital for humans. It is the link between individuals to allow an entire conversation.

Superlingo: Learn Languages


It is not just about learning a foreign language it, but people also use it for a variety of purposes. Learning the language of another is essential for us. It is possible to use the information you acquire from the app to connect with people in your life. The method of learning that Superlingo gives users is to learn by using videos, images and tales. They help users grasp the subject better and retain vocabulary for longer. Once the student has acquired an amount of words and connected sentences, it is possible to have an essential conversation with others.


The application will allow users will be able to creating a study schedule that allows users to choose the time to gain knowledge more effectively. After every lesson, students are tested to determine their capacity to recall after the lecture. Your score will be raised when your memory is strong. Then, players can learn more lessons. That’s right, Superlingo can improve many of the skills that users can practice more.


Testing the level of learning within the program can help users determine what level the group they are on. Then, you can take ways to enhance how much you learn. One of the advantages to Superlingo’s features is that its users are tested on the four essential skills of listening to, speaking, reading and writing. It is an offline learning program. Additionally, the app offers a variety of different ways for users to choose the best method that is appropriate for their individual needs.