Space Rover v1.139 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

Space Rover v1.139 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

Category: Simulation - Publisher: Mamboo Games - App Name: Space Rover

Last version: 1.139

Size: 50M
MOD Info: Unlimited Currency
Update: 2021/11/06
Get it On:
1.116 - MOD
1.116 - Original

Space Rover offers players the opportunity to explore Mars and witnessing the accumulation of resources that it has to make money. You’ll have an initial base and will attempt to make use of different kinds of materials that have different worth. While you’re at it in the course of play you will be able to upgrade your Rover’s performance to ensure that you are able to make mining more efficient and make more cash. The world is waiting to be explored by players. discover and unlock.

Space Rover: Idle planet mining tycoon simulator

As stated earlier, you need to ensure that your processing circle of the rover is fully covered by the resources. You’ll see the bar and, when the bar falls to zero the resource will be removed in a sequence. If some resources are able to be moved on their own You’ll have to ensure that the bar of the resource keeps decreasing. Thus, sitting at a single spot to collect resources is not always the best practice. You must move along with the resource.


After you’ve earned a certain amount, you’ll need to mine further than you did when you first started in Space Rover. This is why the upgrade of your car is a requirement. There are many upgrades specifications for the vehicle and the majority of players choose to boost the capacity first. It can help your rover keep a large amount of materials and also earn an enormous amount of money from one mining. It’s completely normal when the distance between your base and the mining sites can be quite a distance.

A higher capacity for the vehicle allows you to take advantage of numerous precious resources and accumulate numerous coins during the game. In addition, as you go through your mining you’ll encounter new routes that are blocked, and with time, you’ll find ways through these. There is a brand new and undiscovered area in which players can discover more resources, and possibly an entirely new structure with incredible upgrades.