Sonic Dash v4.26.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency/All Characters)

Sonic Dash v4.26.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency/All Characters)

Category: Adventure - Publisher: SEGA - App Name: Sonic Dash

Last version: 4.26.0

Size: 110M
MOD Info: Unlimited Currency/All Characters
Update: 2021/11/05
Get it On:
4.24.0 - MOD
4.23.0 - MOD
4.25.0 - MOD
4.26.0 - MOD

Sonic Dash will be an thrilling racing event that will allow Sonic and his fellow racers to face different obstacles and also win prizes.

Games that employ infinite running mechanics or concepts are deemed to be entertaining and are available in any moment, at any place and without internet. This article will present Sonic Dash the game that relies on the well-known persona Sonic and his companions to provide everyone with an experience of fun and excitement. Furthermore to that, the game will feature vibrant and entertaining graphics, an environment that is alive and constantly motivates players to run around through the endless streets.


Sonic Dash will feature all the bosses from Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic The Hedgehog franchise according to various challenges or settings. However, thanks to the unique gameplay of the game the combat system is unique and interesting, and requires players to be able to use their reaction skills. Furthermore, every kind of boss has weak points that players can take advantage of and, from there, they can make use of all the resources they gather in order to defeat them. It’s even better that each boss is created to be defeated by any character that plays in the game, creating a balanced that allows players play any character they like.


If a player wishes to challenge themselves at more challenging levels the game has an exclusive challenge system that lets players can discover new aspects of the game. The levels are finely tuned, well-balanced and optimized to offer various challenges. Naturally the rewards from these levels are huge and offer players more choices to develop their characters or play. Additionally, players can acquire rare costumes for every character, which creates an impressive and entertaining roster.

Sonic Dash uses familiar and comfortable elements to build gameplay, as well as other elements that make an exciting game that is suitable for everyone. Additionally the game is continuously updated with exciting new activities and offers players a variety of new experiences to the world and the Sonic world. If you’re interested in racing games that never end, this game will provide a fresh game that can entertain you and also be competitive with other players from around the world.