Sonic Cat v1.7.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Sonic Cat v1.7.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Category: Music - Publisher: Badsnowball Limited - App Name: Sonic Cat

Last version: 1.7.0

Size: 80M
MOD Info: Unlimited Diamond
Update: 2021/10/24
Get it On:
1.6.5 - MOD V1
1.6.3 - MOD V2
1.6.8 - Original
1.6.9 - MOD V1
1.7.0 - Original

Sonic Cat is an acronym that has created excitement in recent years because of the enjoyment as well as excitement that it brought those who enjoy entertainment and are obsessed with music. If you’re used to and tired of listening to great music on music apps like Spotify or Youtube or Spotify, etc. You can play this amazing music game. Sonic cats is one of the games very popular with players on the internet because it’s a fantastic mix of various games featuring “ecstatic” sound melodies!


Do you think that this game provides the most enjoyable entertainment, and also meets other requirements for the players? Please tell me to know more! It is a game that features an encapsulation of gameplay and sound, meaning that the music aspect is extremely focused and included in the game in a very artistic way. The goal of the game is to focus in listening to music while making hand actions.

There is nothing better than being absorbed in the music and enjoying every of their songs. You can feel the sweetness in every song and take in the story told within the songs’ lyrics. It’s a method of enjoying music with the same intensity as “enjoyment” and highly effective. It’s not just good for your soul when it helps ease the stress in the body, aids the brain develop to its best through music.


In a game that gives special attention to the art of relax of the mind and soul, the way to play isn’t a major challenge for players. However the gameplay is easy and is suitable for a variety of players, from the old to young, from infant to senior. The games are all accessible and controlled and can be enjoyed with the soothing music that sounds really great.

When you use your finger to choose the music you love and wish to listen to the music will play instantly. When you’re listening, if you wish to limit certain segments near the point of impact for instance, you should hold the screen in that area to play the song you prefer. You must keep your focus and work optimally when playing games! Since these games are played at rapid pace and you must be agile when manipulating and also in your thinking!


The game has created a variety of songs featuring a variety of tunes in various genres. This is an advantage for the game as it is aimed at a wide range of people and is not restricted by single thing. So, everyone can participate and take part in the game and music world Everyone has the chance to entertain themselves and become completely immersed in the world of entertainment. In addition, the list of songs is constantly up-to-date to keep the music fresh and offer new entertainment to gamers.

Another great feature in the game is the game offers a variety of kinds of play modes that operate on an extremely user-friendly and distinctive interface. It gives players a many different skills and weapons to pick from. The player’s ability to control the game will be continuously improved due to the continuous improvement in levels within the gameplay.


The cat is a unique symbol that has a symbolic significance in this game. If players wish to pick their favourite song, they simply must hit the cat’s face. The picture of the feline represents the heart that drives the game. It’s the spot where you can start the music, and is also the location to begin the game. What’s not to like, right? This cat gamers will manipulate them, allowing them to continue to play the most famous adventures.

by slashing the diamonds as well as left/right sound blocks. If you strike precisely at the right moment the chances of achieving an exact score and respawn are very high. The amount of stars, points and diamonds players accumulate through the process of accumulation can help you achieve your goals in this game. This is a game which challenges the player’s skill as well as vivacity and sharp eyes. Let’s play the game with you to find out how you react!