Screen Stream Mirroring Pro v2.7.2 APK (Full) Download for Android

Screen Stream Mirroring Pro v2.7.2 APK (Full) Download for Android

Category: Tools - Publisher: MOBZAPP - App Name: Screen Stream Mirroring Pro

Last version: 2.7.3-google

Size: 15M
MOD Info: Patched
Update: 2021/10/28
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2.7.2b - Paid

Screen Stream Mirroring Professional is the best and most powerful application that is exclusively available for Android. It lets users directly stream their tablet or phone screen with any device that has an extra-large screen size, such as a computers, smart TVs or projection screen. It also allows users to share their screen on the same network using the media player, browser, or player. It also allows you to stream directly to major social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, … to broadcast audio and screen in real-time.


The app that is featured Screen Stream Mirroring app has numerous outstanding features, easy installation, and an intuitive interface. It is particularly noteworthy to mention the five features that are outstanding:

You can take a video of your phone screen and broadcast directly to social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram… This feature will allow you to easily communicate your details on social media sites. This is a great way for making games streamers, mv reaction movies, to communicate your experience, game strategies, or even express your emotions quickly and easily.

This application lets you show a tiny screen on bigger screens for everyone to see since the screen of your phone is projected onto screens of large dimensions, such as projection screens, smart TVs or laptop computer … display the information you wish to share on the screen using web browsers, thanks to players and devices that are compatible.

Image %%%% The application lets you quickly and effortlessly turn on and off the camera, recording or create drawings on screen when you’re recording. It’s not your favorite way to record videos, but outside noises can interfere with the audio of your video. You don’t know what to do when the manual approaches to block noise are too complex for you to be a source of suffer from headaches and fatigue. You can save your life, it’s extremely simple once you use the Screen Stream Mirroring application, you’ll need to install the application on your phone, and switch off the recording mode then you’re done. The app also lets users use the display to sketch while you present this, making easy for the viewers to keep track the presentation, concentrate, and is more engaging.



Utilizing 4G utilities across all sectors and services can help people run and perform their jobs more effectively and faster in modern life. Screen Stream Mirroring is an application that offers a variety of amazing features to assistance and allows you to transfer information from your phone onto larger screens and without expensive devices. Be a smart userand instantly download this app to your personal computer to aid you with your job and daily life.