Scan & Translate+ v4.9.2 APK + MOD ( Premium Unlocked)

Scan & Translate+ v4.9.2 APK + MOD ( Premium Unlocked)

Category: Productivity - Publisher: AISBERG LLC - App Name: Scan & Translate+

Last version: 4.9.2

Size: 35M
MOD Info: Premium Features Unlocked
Update: 2021/11/09
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4.7.0 - Premium
4.5.3 - Premium
4.8.3 - Premium
4.8.5 - Premium

Interpreting has become an essential and widely utilized tools in the world It even integrates with various specific functions and tools to give users new possibilities. One of the features that are widely used nowadays is scanning and translating and in this article, we will present Scan and Translate+ the application that matches the above description. Additionally its capabilities are superior and efficient that promise users numerous new discoveries while searching for important documents thatthey don’t have a fluency in.

Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber


If you want to translate something the most basic and specific method is to input words or manually paste them. But, the program offers various more powerful functions to translate anything with simple actions. Particularly the scanning feature is most well-known one, as users can utilize available images and utilize specific tools to translate. Once the scanning process is completed it will convert all of the document’s contents into various copies. Then, the user can access the dictionary directly to find the meaning of every phrase or word. The efficiency of scanning is 100 and helps users to filter out the essential documents and save time to get an accurate translation.


The most appealing feature of Scan & TranslatePlus is the fact that it has many wonderful features. One of them is text-to-speech which is loved by many. In addition the accuracy and quality of the app’s transcriptions are excellent and gives users numerous options to alter and personalize the voice accent. The user can simply tap any word within the text and the text-to-speech option will be displayed, as well as various transcription options based on the needs of the user. Naturally, the app’s transcription capabilities are more advanced and better at recognizing words or specific symbols. The features and performance of the transcription feature provide users with a variety of conveniences and a remarkable search experience for every kind of text. If the user has a need for learning or are looking to increase their proficiency in foreign languages the feature will be more effective in many situations.


Scan & Translate+ can also recognize and scan numerous symbols or signs from all over the world which allows users to translate or comprehend the significance. It will also be able to recognize local and international traffic signs. Users can make use of Direct Scan feature or utilize images sourced from various sources. It doesn’t end there. It can scan receipts or bills and also automatically translate all documents into text to ensure that the user is aware of the meanings of their formatting. With this program users are able to easily scan or translate any object using easy operations, and gain access to a lot of information related to translation.

Scan and Translate+ is now one of the most useful tools to help users transcribing and translating all sorts of documents from all over the world. It is also able to automatically update and enhance your language proficiency for a variety of things around the world. Its ability to detect texts and their accuracy is 100%, allowing users to translate or scan quickly and give them many useful information about the translations.