RULES OF SURVIVAL v1.610539.591984 APK + OBB (NetEase)

RULES OF SURVIVAL v1.610539.591984 APK + OBB (NetEase)

Category: Action - Publisher: NetEase Games - App Name: Rules of Survival

Last version: 1.610539.591984

Size: 4G
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Update: 2021/11/05
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Rules of SURVIVAL is a survival shooting game that plays as a role-playing game, where just the survivors will win.

A survival game that has an incredible number of players where anyone is able to be a winner in can be played in Rules of Survival. You’ll be immersed in a real-life survival environment with elements of the environment that will help you with your strategies. Furthermore, an impressive array of weapons is waiting for you to try and, if you are lucky, you’ll be able to master and manage the accessories that go with them.


A world of survival where players are reaching the level in order to become the only survivor to be left ahead of more than 100 other participants are eliminated in Rules of Survival. Players will take time to explore the vast surroundings however, they should be cautious of the elements around them. Also that dangers are everywhere anywhere when you don’t be aware or have a strategy in place to handle.

It’s safe to go back You can play numerous games in the same type that utilize this feature. The game constantly encourages players to move around a certain location and to not stay at a single spot for long. Therefore, they always have the desire to move about and meet different enemies on their route. There will be always shooting taking place between groups of players looking to eliminate enemies with extreme tactical accuracy.


Similar to similar survival-themed games you’ll have to navigate the world in Rules of Survival. It is possible to explore any building to collect diverse elements to safeguard your character as well as provide weapons to eliminate your foes. In addition it also offers players a range of different options to make use of the ability to cover and avoid hazardous areas, taking advantage of the environment around you.

The element of the environment in survival games is always a reminder that they’re the particulars of the elements around them which they can make use of. That is instead of stumbling across the middle of the field with nothing, rocks or houses can be used to take advantage of to ambush their opponents. They may also retreat if they’re beaten by their foe and wait for their opponents to help them.


One thing that every player must be aware of is the wide range of guns that you can discover within Rules of Survival. You’ll find a genre you like because it can enhance your abilities to take on opponents and understand what it has during the game. You can also alter the kind of gun anytime you want by purchasing guns from your own location or from the inventory of the opponent.

The ability of a gun is often accompanied by the shooting abilities of a player as they spend the time to learn particular types of guns or utilize the options they have available in certain instances. To become a slayer in this type of game, you’ll have to equip it with certain other accessories, however, it isn’t always easy to find them. Thus, collecting the spoils after beating the opponent is a acceptable thing.

After you’ve experienced some difficult battles, you’ll definitely not be able to ignore the supporting elements of the game. you are able to repair your character. Every element could easily harm the character. So, it is important to carry a certain number of healing supplies throughout the game. Don’t forget to consider the environment before entering any building.


The two primary game modes available are Squad or Solo and each has its own particular challenge you’ll need to manage. In solo mode, you’ll be playing against other players on your own and with no support to stop your progression. Then, the focus is solely on the player’s skills and judgement when losing can’t be reversed if you’re eliminated. It is possible to overcome this by playing in groups.

In contrast to others, this team mode allows five players instead of four. The players can play with friends, and if you’re not a veteran and need help, they can assist you to access the game. In addition you play you’ll also be able to receive assistance if there are players around, however you must be cautious when confronting an opponent since you might be attacked.