Rosetta Stone v8.14.1 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Rosetta Stone v8.14.1 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Category: Education - Publisher: Rosetta Stone Ltd - App Name: Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

Last version: 8.14.1

Size: 110M
MOD Info: Premium Unlocked
Update: 2021/11/07
Get it On:
8.12.0 - Premium/Extra
8.11.0 - Premium/Extra
8.10.0 - Premium/Extra
8.9.0 - Premium/Extra
8.12.0 - Original
8.13.0 - Premium/Extra
8.13.0 - Original
8.14.0 - Original
8.14.1 - Original

Rosetta Stone: Learn and Practice Speak Languages is a learning application that is designed to help you master foreign languages efficiently. In addition it is possible that you’ll also get to work learning about various language skills, and then work out basic pronunciations by yourself. There are also numerous other tools which users can download as they learn in this app.


Rosetta Stone: Learn, practice and Speak Languages owns an entirely user-friendly interface that is suitable for beginners because of its simplicity and elegance that the interface has. The results, lessons and lessons are planned and organized in a very sensible manner and anyone can surely enjoy the experience. However doing what you enjoy is one of the main reasons that you should learn a new language.

The app focuses on easy lessons so that students can gain access to them quickly. With only one tap it is possible to activate an accompanying method to study for example, the pronunciation of the word to be said. So, nothing is going to appear in order to interrupt your studies. However you will have plenty of ways to use this program in a different way.


Rosetta Stone Learn, Practice and Speak Languages provides you with an efficient method to master a new language which you’ll be able to practice for a long time. You can pick the level you wish to learn at to get lessons specifically tailored to the specific language you wish to learn. In addition the language skills will be displayed within the application, in order to gradually learn to master the skills it offers.

The lessons will focus on the basics of pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. By focusing on these aspects that you’ll become familiar with a brand new language or begin a new course in the language you were not familiar with prior to. Each skill has its own purpose and length during the course you’ll have to go through. This means that you need to be aware of how to how to learn them in the most efficient way possible. However it’s a lot of fun to to work on your own.

The application comes with a set of lessons you can learn at your own pace. However it’s not just information, but also audio files that allow you can mimic the pronunciation of the words. You can also read the text and mimic it yourself to some extent. You can develop certain skills by taking the useful lessons that the app gives you.


Rosetta Stone: Learn, practice and speak Languages includes lessons that you can access quickly. However according to the person capacity to absorb information will differ and every level is also different. This app lets you to pick the best level to continue learning and improve what you do not already know. If you’re looking to attain a certain outcome and master the language they’re studying, let this app aid you.

However when you’re an extremely determined person, who has a choice you may choose to go with the method of learning. The application develops a framework of everyday learning techniques for users, so that you can use the same routine every day to improve your proficiency. There are certain benefits in the event that you decide to track your progress in learning and do not be afraid to try and speak.


One feature that people will appreciate is that the app will aid you in your studies at any time. In particular, regardless of whether you are online or offline situation, you’ll be able to carry on your studies and make use of any gaps in order to enhance your capabilities. It’s a great option for those who are unsure of how to proceed in certain situations, and now they can wear headphones and begin their lessons.

Rosetta Stone Learn, Practice, and Speak Languages provides you with a variety of lessons in a variety of languages. It also ensures that you’re engaged with the application. There won’t be distracting messages appearing when you’re studying. The application will ensure not displaying any advertisements users may encounter while using the application. Your experience will be always 100% secure.