Roller Ball X: Bounce Ball Hero v2.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Roller Ball X: Bounce Ball Hero v2.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Category: Arcade - Publisher: WEWIN - App Name: Roller Ball X: Bounce Ball Hero

Last version: 2.2

Size: 76M
MOD Info: Unlimited Money/Skins Unlocked
Update: 2021/11/05
Get it On:
2.1 - MOD
2.2 - MOD

Roll and roll with ease using Roller Ball The Bounce Ball Hero. Save your planet from enemy’s robots and minions. They’re in the process of governing your world. They are the Bounce Ball Knights appear to fight them and defend their home planet. This is an action game in which you have to use your balls to locate the bosses and take them down and don’t forget to collect plenty of gold and other items on the journey.

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Four keys to control left spread, up, down let you move the ball. Utilize your left or right buttons to move it in any direction that you desire. The up key makes to make the ball bounce up into the sky, while you use the down key for it to come to a stop. It takes some time to get comfortable with them and to use the keys correctly. When you first begin to play, maintain the ball moving at a steady pace. Don’t let the ball move too quickly. This can cause you many problems.

There are three missions that you must keep in mind to complete in Roller Ball X: Bounce Ball Hero. First, you have to discover a way to get the ball you have found up to the exit. If you can do this, you’ll be at the next level. Each time you open a hatch the difficulty increases slowly until you finally meet the boss. The boss will be the final to be defeated, and you will have to fight for victory. Another thing to remember is that you need to collect a lot of magic boxes and gold stars throughout the journey. Gold can be used to improve your capabilities, while the magic box can give you numerous special abilities. Be sure to avoid obstacles along the way; they can cause you to lose your life. Make use of the jump or stop key to accomplish this.

Roller Ball X : Bounce Ball Hero


Protecting the planet can be a challenging work. You must go through more than a hundred levels to reach the ultimate boss. The adventure through The Bounce Ball knight will continuously traverse different levels that range from weedy roads to abandoned space stations or factories. In each area you’ll have to battle bosses using the appropriate power and become stronger and more powerful.

The graphics that are presented in every round are packed with realisticity. For instance, you’ll be able to feel the classics in the gate to the grass road, the desperation in the factory that is abandoned, or the modernity of Space Station. Funny alarm sounds and sounds as you eat gold stars , or the crates of items. The design of Roller Ball X: Bounce Ball Hero is very light and fun appropriate for children of all ages.