Pet Rescue Saga v1.315.13 MOD APK (Infinite Lives/Boosters)

Pet Rescue Saga v1.315.13 MOD APK (Infinite Lives/Boosters)

Category: Casual - Publisher: King - App Name: Pet Rescue Saga

Last version: 1.315.13

Size: 84M
MOD Info: Infinite Lives/Boosters
Update: 2021/11/02
Get it On:
1.306.13 - MOD
1.304.15 - MOD
1.310.13 - MOD
1.312.10 - MOD
1.315.13 - MOD

Pet Rescue Saga is a well-known intellectual puzzle game that has a unique gameplay and adorable cartoon images. The goal is to crush the stars and help the adorable pets to aid you in getting the score the game demands. The game has numerous levels that allow players to test and find distinct features within these levels. You’ll be using different weapons to smash boxes and take on difficult levels. Use your brain and thinking skills to achieve the best score.

Pet Rescue Saga


This is a rescue pet game, and therefore creating the image of your pet is essential to draw more players. With top-quality sketching skills the publishers have created pictures of adorable pets like cats, rabbits, dogs and piglets … as well. they’re arranged on columns of vibrant colors, waiting for players to destroy and rescue them from. Additionally, there are many items available included in the game like diamonds, bombs that explode vibrant paint pots, lockable cages for animals and additional items for the player to smash. A variety of puzzle levels are added every two weeks, and are available for players to discover.


As previously mentioned, Pet Rescue Saga is an easy game for pet rescue which draws players due to its thrilling gameplay. You must arrange the blocks of different colors in rows that are the same color to cause them to disappear from the board game and aid the pet in lowering one level before he can exit the game board. The colored blocks to the easy and flexible touch system.

Furthermore the level of difficulty in the game increases gradually and you’ll have to apply your expertise and the right strategy for playing in order to complete the mission of rescuing pets. The game also provides players with weapons, such as bombs or rockets, hammers and freezes to apply on colored blocks to make it simpler to save pets. Each tool comes with diverse uses that help break through the color block within its designated area.


In every game, you be required to complete the task in a specific time frame in order to save your pet and eliminate the bright squares in order to earn the appropriate score. You will also need to meet the mission’s requirements. If you reach the end of the timer and you do not have the required amount of points, you’ll be disqualified and will not complete the game. Furthermore, Pet Rescue Saga also provides a variety of levels to players to compete and have fun. and players are able to befriend and interact with new opponents throughout the game.