Moonlighter v1.13.13 APK (Full/Mega Mod)

Moonlighter v1.13.13 APK (Full/Mega Mod)

Category: Role Playing - Publisher: 11 bit studios - App Name: Moonlighter

Last version: 1.13.13

Size: 334M
MOD Info: Mega Mod
Update: 2021/10/28
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Moonlighter is a pixel-based game that lets players and characters discover the world within mysterious dungeons and find out what’s happening in the village nearby. It is possible to select the best level to begin with, and change it as you face too many difficulties. However you’ll be able to navigate different environments and take on opponents with impressive power. Also, the weapons you acquire in the game as well as your abilities will be crucial to fight these enemies.


The story the players are introduced to within Moonlighter takes place in a place with the existence of a mystifying dungeon. In the course of time, a village called Rynoka was established in close proximity to the dungeons. the social classes that were most prominent in the village were heroes and Merchants. But it didn’t last very long, as their activities was unstable and the dungeons became hazardous. That creates difficulties for everyone, and particularly for the principal character.

The main character that you control on this video game the owner of a business which has been operating in the village for quite a while. Of course, he’s experiencing a variety of difficulties in his current position. He decided one day to go to the dark dungeons. The main storyline starts here. The weapon he uses is an Broom. Then, you’ll begin the journey of battling complex mechanics and enemies that will gradually pop up before your eyes. .%%%IMAGE_1 Image 1


When beginning Moonlighter players will be required to select the difficulty level that you think is suitable for your needs. The three difficulty levels available in the game are Easy Normal, Normal and Hard. Apart from the differences in level of difficulty certain mechanics can alter based on the issue chosen by the player like auto-attack mode. Players can choose to use auto-attack mode the mode they prefer, and later alter it if you do not like the current experience.

You’ll be familiar with the mechanics within the game as well as every exclamation point on each stage. In addition, the player will be able to read the in-game instructions. It is possible to walk normally or glide across dangerous objects or spaces between two different terrains. All will be normal until you confront the numerous dangerous creatures in the dark dungeons. Therefore, you won’t be able to take on them, and if you lose the fight and returning home to the village.


Once the player has returned to the village of Moonlighter the game will start the main game. The game’s gameplay is split in two days, which correspond to daytime and night. One of the activities you’ll take on includes taking on the local’s historic shop. In addition you will also be able to revisit the dungeons that you’ve previously encountered. Instead of slamming their heads with the broom you’ll be armed with powerful swords.

You can make use of weapons and combat the monsters that appear in the game. You’ll go through four different dungeons to play and each one will be populated with enemies and bosses you must defeat. In addition to monsters of normal strength, bosses that have huge size and high health are another threat that you must take on. In time you’ll discover ways to improve your weapons and defeat them.