Metal Force (MOD, No Reload) v3.48.6 APK

Metal Force (MOD, No Reload) v3.48.6 APK

Category: Action - Publisher: Extreme Developers - App Name: Metal Force

Last version: 3.48.6

Size: 45MB
MOD Info: No Reload
Update: 2021/11/05
Get it On:
3.47.2 - MOD
3.47.9 - Original
3.48.5 - Original

If you’re a real gamer, then we all have played Tank games at least once. They are massive machines that have incredible destructive power, with top-quality battles, and a suffocating atmosphere. In this moment you may think I’m talking about the iconic battle tank game where the fundamental gameplay is to defend the base. It is true that this type of game is a strategy one, and has merits, but what I’d suggest to you is an action game that features the most violent gameplay actually in the sense of shooting and driving. Here, I’ll show you the game that is true to color that are a bit more contemporary more dramatic, but even more insane Metal Force. Metal Force. You will soon be immersed in an exciting adventure with endless battles from the possible publisher Extreme Developers. Extreme Developers.


It’s possible to say that the background graphics within Metal Force is located at an average quality. Thanks to 3D Unreal Engine graphics, the detail level and lighting effects performed effectively in the description of an expansive war zone. Furthermore the physical effects in the game are displayed extremely realistic and detail-oriented to each surface of the terrain, to clouds floating over the sky or the smoke that is released by fireballs. Additionally, features like the skins of tanks are made elegantly, both in the aesthetics and in the richness of an appropriate skin. You can transform yourself in the darkness and then become an unnerving sheep on the battlefield. The game provides players with the excitement of witnessing the horrors of a real-life , death-defying battlefield.

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