Merge Safari – Fantastic Animal Isle v1.0.135 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Merge Safari – Fantastic Animal Isle v1.0.135 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Category: Casual - Publisher: Super Awesome Inc. - App Name: Merge Safari

Last version: 1.0.135

Size: 80M
MOD Info: Unlimited Diamond
Update: 2021/11/05
Get it On:
1.0.100 - MOD
1.0.135 - Original

Merge Safari Fantastic Animal Isle is a game that allows players to take on the opportunity to build intriguing islands. While participating in the adventure and exploration of the game, everyone is free to pick the islands to construct. You can also decorate your island to make it more stunning and vivid than ever before thanks to games unique options. This is an extremely engaging game, meaning that anyone can join the game and experience all the excitement and enjoyment it offers.

Merge Safari – Fantastic Animal Isle

The task of collecting animals is one of the biggest challenges for every player. To find unique and fascinating animals, it is necessary to be able to find a reasonable source of income as well as the required equipment to gather the animals. Therefore, every player must take part in the missions and challenges offered in the games. This way, you will easily collect items that will help you find creatures that live on Earth.


Everyone who participates on this Merge Safari experience will receive various tasks. Perhaps the most crucial job and challenge is to build your island to become more attractive and developed more than ever. The ecosystem of animals that is in your home is the most important element in the game’s success. So, gather a variety of useful items to decorate and create your island into something truly gorgeous and stunning.

Unexpected and new elements are among the exciting aspects that you can experience while playing the game’s challenges. Alongside the exciting and thrilling games, you’ll also need to face difficult tasks and obstacles. A stunningly vivid and appealing natural environment will be created and developed by everyone on their own islands. Revitalize all the outdated elements of the island and make every tree and creature to be more attractive. Also, take part in all missions and challenges in the game, and finish them well to earn the ultimate victory to yourself.


Merge Safari is a game that is regarded as to be a paradise, with lots of lively and varied species. Your island is where animals can roam, play, and hide and flourish. All the conditions on this island are beneficial to all human beings ‘ living and development requirements. These positive factors are able to quickly create and breed a variety of new species, resulting in an incredible amount of variety and abundance on the island.

Each player begins their journey and live on this island. Start to transform all components of your island and earn lots of things and cash to purchase new animals. Your home will be filled with island lots of cute and interesting animals. Provide them with a wide range of food. Make sure you provide it with the best conditions for growth and survival in order to develop products that satisfy the needs of the economy.

This is a fantastic and fun game for all players from all over the world. You’ll experience a fun and exciting experience due to the new and exciting content this game offers. You can become a caring and nurturing member of wild animals, construct and expand your home to be an extremely diverse and diverse habitat for animals from all over the world.