MARVEL Future Revolution v1.3.4 APK

MARVEL Future Revolution v1.3.4 APK

Category: Role Playing - Publisher: Netmarble - App Name: MARVEL Future Revolution

Last version: 1.3.4

Size: 82M
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Update: 2021/11/04
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Marvel Future Revolution brings you an exciting Marvel world. It gets even more complicated when the players are required to contend with an alliance of evil spies.

If you’re a fervent enthusiast of the collection that includes Marvel games, you must not miss out on the unique adventures of games for mobile devices. A few of the most popular titles in the rankings are include Marvel Strike Force, Marvel Contest of Champions ,… The recent appearance of Marvel Future Revolution has brought new life into this world Spider-Man. What is the reason I can say this is the latest trend? It’s because, for the first time ever, the definition of the multiverse has been elevated to new levels in the universe of Spider-Man.

MARVEL Future Revolution


The game’s open world is described both literally and metaphorically. It is a world in which you’re surrounded by a variety of superheroes who can walk on the ground as well as fly through the air. Thus, the game allows you to fly completely. It is possible to quickly fight or defeat opponents with a plethora of flexibility from the ground to the air and reverse. This feature is far more appealing than other games.


As you continue to play the game, greater your equipment and strength will wear down. If you don’t move forward by radicalizing, you will likely be taken out of this world Marvel Future Revolution. Apart from completing the game’s screen, players can boost your power by theft of other heroes’ equipment and costumes. What is the reason skins are available for upgrade? Since a wide variety of skins come with more functions and exciting effects during combat.


It’s all by Marvel Future Revolution. The game is available in PvEscenario co-op, with four players. They will join forces against bosses who are brutal to the human race on this place of play, such as Thanos, Ultron, etc. To ensure that the armies of the two sides to not be dissimilar The game has mastered the requirements of the heroes to be balanced with force to make the most equitable playing field.