MARVEL Duel v1.0.96894 APK + OBB (Full)

MARVEL Duel v1.0.96894 APK + OBB (Full)

Category: Card - Publisher: NetEase Games - App Name: MARVEL Duel

Last version: 1.0.96894

Size: 1GB
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Update: 2021/11/07
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1.0.91551 - Original
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1.0.96894 - Original

A thrilling trading card game adventure is featured in the Marvel Duel which lets players can meet fascinating villains or heroes. The players will be provided with the deck, and with it, can win numerous levels of the game. In every update, players get new cards, and they can create the perfect deck to match the meta. Since then, it’s an opportunity for players to demonstrate their abilities and know-how. Each season it is a matter of time before a deck can become metas that you have to change promptly.


The players will discover a variety of cards to include in their decks in the latest Version of MARVEL Duel. One aspect that players must be aware of is the new appearance of a brand new and widely loved deck called Warrior of the Sky. Particularly, it is an option that numerous players are confirming. You can also refer to the building process of this deck and also know the characteristics of this deck if it’s opposed.


If you’re a person who has played the trading card game, Yu-Gi-Oh, and has a love for Marvel heroes and their characters, you’ll find that MARVEL Duel is the perfect option for you. In this game, players be accompanied by a variety of characters that are featured in the Marvel comics and works of Marvel. You’ll realize that you cannot play as a character like other action games that have the same theme , but make use of cards to defeat opponents.

You’ll have an assortment of decks and cards with various traits and features. You’ll be using your knowledge and the cards you have to subtract the points your opponent is able to score. Also, the player who is the first to run out of points is the winner. There are other features which you need to be aware of since this game is different from the other game that has similar gameplay. Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game. The players can begin attacking the first turn and often it is possible to take out the opponent’s points.

Each turn, you’ll just summon one character having stat one located in the left side of your screen. If you wish to summon a character with higher stats by using a character from the table as ingredient then a higher stat character will be appearing. The use of these cards is contingent upon the conditions that they meet and is compatible with your plan of action. However in addition to the character cards, some cards also have specific features that you can use and effects that can help you win your fight.


If you’re looking to win the Marvel Duel, then you’ll need a powerful deck. The main requirements to create an easy deck is that you’ll combine practical cards with related characters to make impressive combinations. But this isn’t an easy process and requires you to face numerous obstacles. Therefore, make sure to update the meta every time you use the deck. You can also modify it to match the time of year. This is because there will be new cards to be added to future versions.