Magic Tiles 3 v8.086.304 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Magic Tiles 3 v8.086.304 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category: Casual - Publisher: AMANOTES - App Name: Magic Tiles 3

Last version: 8.086.304

Size: 100M
MOD Info: Unlimited Money
Update: 2021/11/03
Get it On:
8.084.005 - MOD V1
8.034.002 - MOD V2
8.084.005 - Original
8.086.002 - MOD V1
8.086.103 - MOD V1
8.086.201 - MOD V1
8.086.303 - MOD V1
8.086.304 - Original
8.086.304 - MOD V1

Magic Tiles 3 (MOD Unlimited Money) offers the piano sounds of popular music and genres to help you become an excellent musician.

If you’re an avid music fan and would like to get involved in musical activities and would like to put your fingers on the keyboard. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? You must visit Magic Tiles 3 to experience the most enjoyable piano game ever. It’s great that, as of the moment, this game is no cost on mobile devices. It’s an exceptional game that is a part of a variety of piano-related games. More impressively gamers will be drawn by the thrilling gameplay.


Like similar piano-related games. This game has basic gameplay that could be more enjoyable. The rules are not difficult. All players have to do is tap those black squares on screen. The more quickly your taps, faster the screen will scroll upwards. In that moment, there will show a variety of white and black cells. The players must have quick with their hands and quick to look and be careful not to touch white cells. If you break the rules the rules, you’ll lose immediately. In addition you must respect the orders for the white cells. It is not allowed to jump to advance. If you do the game is finished.

Magic Tiles 3


Alongside the white and black keys, there are rules to play is that you have to be able to touch the black squares till the song has ended. By touching as many keys at a rapid speed can easily ensure you the winner. Apart from the two-color squares, the game also includes blue cells during the time that the music is at its peak. Players must hold the keys until they reach the end of the square in order that you can make an even more rhythmic and effective music. Also, players must be attentive, as each tile will be played out of turns and you need to ensure that you don’t play with the tiles that are left. If you do make an error, game over!


In the main gameplay mode, there’s only only one player. However, in these settings players are able to choose battles. The song you prefer will be selected and other players who share similar interests will be will be invited. Two individuals will contest and see who is the winner. You are comparing yourself to simple songs. Be careful not to commit small mistakes. It is possible to lose even the slightest touch. Be cautious not to make mistakes. Be careful.


Magic Tiles 3 does not provide gifts like items or artifacts, like other games of the genre. The players will be able to win by making an account on each track. You’ll receive important “diamonds” parts. This will get you excited to play. In addition, after every victory, you’ll get a new song. Maybe it’s a song you’ve loved for many years. Diamonds can be used to purchase one or more of their favourite songs. You can try to win additional special gifts.


While it is a no-cost game, you could be pleasantly surprised at the distinct features in this game. In the moment, the game features specific sections within the VIP section. This means that you will not be stung by untruthful advertisements from third party sites. In addition you’ll be able to immediately unlock 5000 of the most popular songs. Plus, you’ll be revived completely absolutely free (no diamonds to purchase) and you can play for hours.