LifeAfter v1.0.204 APK + OBB (Full)

LifeAfter v1.0.204 APK + OBB (Full)

Category: Survival - Publisher: NetEase Games - App Name: LifeAfter

Last version: 1.0.204

Size: 3G
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Update: 2021/11/06
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After the success of the first two seasons the Life After series has officially begun season 3. The game recreates the devastation of the world following Apocalypse. There will be wildlife to contend with; resources are decreasing, the weather gets harsher and so on. The world can be a challenge in the fight to restore humanity’s dignity. When you enter the world is the role of one of those lucky ones to survive to complete an important mission.


A major revolution is set to take place in the experience of survival the game. In particular, LifeAfter upgraded and brought players entertainment with appealing content that is unlike anything else. Additionally, the zombies have been favored to include an array of additional fighting capabilities. In addition an entire world is made available and players can combat on land, sea, or air, promising you new adventures.


The world order of humans is torn apart after the passing of a virus-related blizzard. It afflicts the entire globe which causes the apocalypse to be a reality in the world. You are exhausted by food and fatigued from the cold and freezing night. The growls can be heard of the Infected’s, warning that the night of life-threatening fear is coming. What will it take to survive in the ruins of your world?


In the midst of an epidemic of a virus and the life of LifeAfter which was shut down has now turned into a secluded and unspoiled space. A city is filled with sick people, as well as a frigid, unforgiving woodland in the mountains. There is even an abandoned mining zone or schools that have been destroyed. It is a difficult environment, scavenging for every thing they can to live. You need to be aware of the art of hunting, gathering for food, protecting yourself from injury, …


In the course of getting rid of trash, the participant will encounter many others who have similar fates as he. While he is fortunate to live however, the world is not so easy at the moment. Thus, even though we have one race they are able to plan to destroy one the other due to food. The players must be vigilant as they could be able to attack you. They took all the food items, clothes, weapons and so on.


But, there are both good and bad people all over the world. If you’re fortunate enough to make friends with whom you trust You can exchange food ammunition, food, etc. As teammates, you can aid each other in collecting materials, each brick … for you to design or construct your own home. While doing so you must fight the enemies until the final protection of the common home of mankind. Together, we will fight against the frigidity of winter and the cold of night, by lighting an ember-lit campfire.

LifeAfter beautifully recreates a brutal world where you’re in control of your actions for your own advantage even when you are you are committing a crime against your fellow players. The game is sure to please gamers with its 3D realistic graphics system. You travel through various rough hard, shaky and falling terrain. The opposite is the illumination that shines upon those brave souls who choose to go through the mud to preserve their existence and even to create the foundation for a new beginning.