Kick-Flight v2.11.0 MOD APK (God Mode/No Skill CD) Download

Kick-Flight v2.11.0 MOD APK (God Mode/No Skill CD) Download

Category: Action - Publisher: Grenge - App Name: Kick-Flight

Last version: 2.11.0

Size: 150M
MOD Info: God Mode/No Skill CD
Update: 2021/10/22
Get it On:
2.6.0 - MOD
2.11.0 - Original

There’s been a variety of MOBA games that players have had the chance to play, but they all have some things in common. Today, I’ll provide players with a game which is quite different from the other games players have played. It’s Kick-Flight is a game that was released just recently however has received a lot of interest from players. The game is not just the intense combat, has many variations from the gameplay that players to play. If you’re bored of the rules you must attend this game and see the differences.

Free-flying and midair battles

As with similar to other MOBA game players will have the chance to compete in a match with eight players. Each game will last within 3 minutes and, when time runs out and the team with the highest score will prevail. This is the minimum that players must know when arriving at the game to take part in the game. Let me look into all aspects of this game in greater detail.

Discover your very own way of fighting

The game is played by players will notice a number of crystals scattered across the map. players will have to steal them. When a player robs one of the crystals, their team score will be raised to one point. Once the timer is over and those who have the best score is the winner. There is another option for players to get the highest scores. This is to steal points from their team that is in competition. For instance, if you are able to steal five cubes your team would gain five points more, but after they are destroyed, you lose the five points. The five points a player loses will be added to the enemy’s score , and your team’s score will be diminished. Therefore, attack your opponent to take their points and then quickly turn into the team with the most points.