Identity V v1.0.892516 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Wall Hack)

Identity V v1.0.892516 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Wall Hack)

Category: Adventure - Publisher: NetEase Games - App Name: Identity V

Last version: 1.0.892516

Size: 4G
MOD Info: Wall Hack/WireFrame
Update: 2021/11/05
Get it On:
1.0.836850 - MOD
1.0.836850 - Original
1.0.878762 - Original
1.0.892516 - MOD

Identity V will be the game that offers diverse experiences, ranging from excitement terror due to the fear it provides.

The hunt of the chase in Identity V will take players to an enthralling and challenging experience due to the horror that it can bring. Players will be able to experience a varied experience due to the different roles available within the game. Additionally, every character has its own unique characteristic you must be aware of to finish the level and progress in the game’s narrative.


The players will be transported to an environment that is designed with disturbing colors that players are able to explore. The plot of the game begins when a detective receives a letter and then he is forced to leave his home. However the appearance of the house is so terrifying that the player will be impressed. Everything begins when he walks into the home. There are many elements inside that you’ll be able to observe and interact with.

The character you control within Identity V from a third view and allow you to see the surroundings effortlessly. In addition you will have a lot of items to discover as well as the information you find within the house will be a part of the storyline that the game follows. Therefore, you will not be in a position to ignore everything. On the right-hand edge of your screen it is the work you must complete to advance in the game, since the game contains a lot of elements to be solved.


Exploring a world with spooky colors is always an exciting experience for the players. However there are many questions you’ll solve in this game. The storyline of this game will unfold gradually. In particular, as stated above you must be able to follow the rules of the game by completing the tasks the game will provide. There is a tiny notebook in which players will be able to locate clues that characters can obtain.

Every mission has its own solution as well as some aspects that are clear enough to easily identify. Particularly, you’ll need to turn on the lights in the beginning of the game, and then follow the footprints of the floor. It is possible to say that even in a dark and dreary environment they can be clearly displayed in front of players’ eyes. You won’t be able to ignore the clues you will encounter throughout the game and you will gradually discover the plot when you combine clues.

This puzzle is crucial and anyone who has played the game knows the significance in opening the way to players who can access new features. Additionally aside from the trace elements are visible it is also possible to see an outline of a certain person appear. You then move to keep pace with it until something happens that is sure to surprise anyone. The detective’s character and the silhouette were brought together and the game’s brand new gameplay was shown.


The job of the detective in Identity V is to help players find information about the characters who have been seen in the house, in addition to the characters you encounter during the game. This means you’ll be in control until the next game is unfolding in front of your players. In this game, you’ll recreate the actions between two different groups of players, hunters and hunter. In this way, you be able to experience the real horror game.

The players will have control of the character in the same way as previously mentioned but you’ll have to try to escape from a fat man dressed in a clown mask who is trying to assault you. You can move, hide as well as perform other options to avoid pursue of the enemy. Furthermore, throughout the game, you’ll be required to accomplish a specified task and avoid enemies. This kind of game is often the case at times, and you may might even need to collaborate with an AI player in order to complete the challenge.


After you have completed the quest that is not a detective The screen will revert to the original role, and then open an entirely new level, with an entirely new role. This means that players can enjoy various gameplay options, including escape/chase as well as story exploration. In addition to the chase character, you can take on the role of the masked fat man using a strange weapon to take on other characters and then put them in the chair of rockets.

The weapon of the hunter is a stick that has an image of sharks. It targets the person who is that is being chased. If you do it twice, the target is likely to be shocked. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able approach and secure the person using balloons and rope. While you’re at it you will want to defeat these creatures by attaching them to the rocket chair and shooting in other directions. There are electro-shocks that come from the cipher machine to determine the location of your targets and then follow them.