Human: Fall Flat v1.8 APK + OBB (Patched)

Human: Fall Flat v1.8 APK + OBB (Patched)

Category: Adventure - Publisher: 505 Games Srl - App Name: Human: Fall Flat

Last version: 1.8

Size: 448M
MOD Info: Full Paid Version
Update: 2021/11/05
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Human Fall Flat APK is co-op game which requires a team to find a solution or navigate an endless puzzles of brainstorming.

Players will explore a new world of Human: Fall Flat designed in great detail, and will be presented with challenging challenges that require them to find solutions. They’ll learn and interact with the components within it to discover the crucial elements. In the course of playing, they’ll take advantage of their knowledge and will be able to experience the game at their individual pace. While at the same time for those who are nearly completed their game, be sure to stay up to date with new developments.


The first thing players be aware of is that they will be dropped into an amazing environment with a variety of environmental elements. It is a time to explore these aspects and taking note of the data you receive when you discover the remote. In the meantime the job of Human is to traverse through a variety of levels. Along the route, you will encounter obstacles that you have to overcome. These are usually in forms of challenges you must complete.

In the current version players will be able to experience a brand new and exciting world: the Forest in which you travel to an area that is dotted with trees. In addition, there will be puzzles to solve in the area you have to explore by yourself. Enter a world which provides you with a fantastic feeling of adventure, and you’ll be able to determine the pace at which you will travel and complete your challenges. The way to solve puzzles in this game is a wide variety.

The player will operate the character from a third-person view using the typical method of control using the character’s joystick as well as action buttons. There’s a distinct feature: the character’s interaction button is divided into two buttons that correspond to the right and left hands. This means that you’ll need be able to manipulate the characters as well as interact with the elements around it using two hands. Learning to use the button can take some time, but you’ll notice the excitement in the character’s actions.


As stated earlier as mentioned above, you’ll be able to traverse a myriad of levels as you solve puzzles that pop up before your eyes. In addition you have to search for doors that can bring you to a different location. Once you have stepped through a doorway and you’ll be in an entirely different place then you begin your journey. Therefore, in a particular environment, there are likely to be difficult levels that will force you to conquer these.

When you begin the very first stage, you’ll find the yellow object that is the instructional video. It’s purpose is giving you specific guidelines to help you pass the levels. If you’re fortunate enough to get these instructions in the next levels, you’ll receive precise instructions. If not, you’ll be required to apply your knowledge to solve the puzzles that pop up in front of your face.

The difficulty in every challenge is always an challenge that players will have to overcome, and every level is unique in its own way. Thus, you’ll have to look at the elements around you to discover clues and connect them. Keep in mind that your objective is to find a way to get to the door that is filled with a variety of things can be pushed by using your hands. However, for other levels it is necessary to give the energy needed to make it let it open by itself.


If you think that finding and solving the puzzles of this game is a challenge Don’t leave Human aside and attempt to make your friends appear blurred to enjoy with. In the game, players make up a group with up to four people and each player has distinct characteristics of appearance that make it easier to identify. The players will be able to play through various levels and look for clues to get to the exit point and get to the final destination.

The final stage of the environment can be described as a black hole, where the player continues to sink into it, and will not know what he’ll be doing following the initial drop in the game. Additionally, the aspect of playing with friends can be very entertaining and enjoyable as you look at the awkward pictures of your fellow players. As an example, there may be obstacles such as golf clubs that are massive, and if you do not avoid them the obstacles, you could be thrown off at any moment.


Changes to the appearance of the character can be made during the game’s pre-game phase. The base color of this person is white. So. this is a totally uninteresting color. And anyone would like to add some apex to their character in order to make it more attractive. You can alter numerous characters’ elements, such as models clothes, headwear, pants, and even the color of the character. Due to the wide options for each piece you can create various styles for each character.