Game of Sultans v3.5.02 APK

Game of Sultans v3.5.02 APK

Category: Strategy - Publisher: Mechanistgames - App Name: Game of Sultans

Last version: 3.5.02

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Update: 2021/11/07
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The game Sultans is a simulation of the life of an earlier king. The player must build the country, deal with the internal issues and conquer the new country.

The Game of Sultans is an exciting new RPG game for building empires which lets players live the life of a Sultan , the ruler of Europe and the Middle East, including building an empire, resolving problems in the harem and then joining the fight to conquer other countries. In addition to fighting in brutal battles but also players will be able to experience captivating love stories. The game features a variety of unique RPG-like gameplay, paired with new content that creates a legendary game that is fun for all to play.


The game is a mix of RPG components that can be mixed with intense battles that allow players to lose their minds in the game. Game of Sultans lets players to live the daily life of a King in numerous ways. Participate in the game and you will be the ruler of a portion of Europe and the Middle East, with the principal task of growing your kingdom until it becomes solid and stable. As the leader of a nation you have to be someone with the capacity to lead your country efficiently. In order to do this the players wage war to conquer smaller nations and form alliances to become the most powerful power around the globe.


It is essential for beautiful harems within an established kingdom to be at the side of the King. The game of Sultans can make players worry about their relationship between his wife and concubines. as well as taking care of the princes, so that they’re able to be able to claim the royal inheritance in the future. In the role of the king who runs the kingdom, players must educate his harem so that they can to deal with the intrigues of politics and the power battles of generals of the court. In addition, players get to meet gorgeous life partners who have talents from across the globe and capture their hearts. The players make romantic love stories beneath the stars.


It’s an 3D role-playing game with an original RPG style that has created a myriad of thrilling levels to players to explore. From the point of sitting in the middle of an nation players have to show their strength and advance towards becoming an imposing sultan changing into a well-known tribe and a powerful kingdom. In Game of Sultans players raise the flags of their countries high while they fight each other in real-time within a powerful kingdom. They then begin their journey to be the most powerful in the world. In addition, you must guide the empire of the Ottomans to conquer new territories. During the quest, participants must develop their character, and eventually be the ruler of the kingdom.


The game lets players get involved in brutal battles and military strategies. Game of Sultans will allow players to engage in battles between PvP players, and compare your army’s strength against other players from around the world. Additionally, you must establish alliances and build friendships or enemies of many of your opponents to share your resources with allies and take on other players. Develop lasting and strong relationships by forming a worthy union that will enhance your performance. Thus, do your best to gain more kinds of treasure that can be valuable to you during combat. Additionally, you can train your troops to help you learn and learn new ideas.