FolderSync Pro v3.1.7 APK (Full Paid)

FolderSync Pro v3.1.7 APK (Full Paid)

Category: Communication - Publisher: Tacit Dynamics - App Name: FolderSync Pro

Last version: 3.1.7

Size: 80M
MOD Info: Full Version & Paid
Update: 2021/11/09
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3.0.50 - Paid
3.0.49 - Paid
3.1.1 - Paid
3.1.5 - Paid
3.1.4 - Paid
3.1.3 - Paid
3.1.6 - Paid
3.1.7 - Paid

FolderSync Pro is an application created with the intention to provide you with an alternative that can back up all files on your device in a secure manner without risking losing them regardless of the situation. FolderSync Pro is available free on all Android device, thereby providing several tools to ensure the safety of all your files. You can also manage files and work in conjunction with other programs.

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A product known for its functions

FolderSync Pro software developed to help you easily and efficiently manage all the files stored on your device, saving files in the cloud, and then editing them using the aid of this program which is available for no cost. It lets you delete or move, archive or open any kind of file, no matter if it’s stored located in Cloud or not and also control Amazon S3 buckets, uploading and downloading files you wish to download. In FolderSync Pro you will have the possibility of viewing every single file and sort them. It is an application that is capable of working with different servers you consider useful for your needs, like CloudMe,

Dropbox, Google Drive, among others

In this way, with FolderSync Pro you will be capable of managing your device in a straightforward method, finding it free on digital platforms and becoming part of a community that includes users that have highly reviewed the program.

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Easy to use for any mobile device

FolderSync Pro is a easy application. Once you install it, you’ll be capable of accessing all the files that you’ve stored on your device and organize them into different folders so that visualization is more straightforward. On the main screen there are additional options to choose, such as the folders within the device’s memory and the memory that is removable, as well as be able to view the images of the files on your mobile. FolderSync Pro also allows you to see the saved applications along with their related information as well as the option of removing them from your system to make sure that your device has ample space to store more applications or files.

Due to this convenience, it’s now the primary choice for many users. They are able to change the names of their folders, be aware of the efficiency of their battery, and alter the place of it.

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Simple graphics for a better experience

Apart from the above tools in this article, we should also point out you that when using FolderSync Pro you will have the option of allowing you to store your documents and create backups in the event that you lose the files. In addition it will permit you to open the documents with the same quality in all instances and providing you with an improved experience while using it. By using it, you’ll be able to access an upgraded version of the application that comes with additional features.

In addition, you can disable any advertisements that is displayed on the screen as well as other alternatives. The main difference is that the version for professionals does not impose restrictions on the actions you wish to take using the program, your backups and files stored in the cloud.