FilmoraGo Pro v6.5.1 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

FilmoraGo Pro v6.5.1 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Category: Video Players & Editors - Publisher: Wondershare Software - App Name: FilmoraGo Pro

Last version: 6.5.1 build 661

Size: 45MB
MOD Info: Premium Unlocked
Update: 2021/11/07
Get it On:
6.3.6 - Pro/Extra
6.3.5 - Pro/Extra
6.3.1 - Pro/Extra
6.3.0 - Pro/Extra
6.3.7 - Pro
6.3.7 - Pro
6.3.7 b653 - Pro
6.3.8 - Pro
6.3.8 - Pro
6.5.0 - Pro
6.5.0 - Pro
6.5.0 b659 - Pro
6.5.0 b659 - Pro
6.5.1 - Pro

FilmoraGo (MOD Professional Unlocked) can be described as an app that lets you edit videos that are high-quality with crucial features, complex functions and good templates.

The desire to be an expert in video editing is just a click from you with FilmoraGo Video Editor Video Maker for YouTube The most sought-after video processing software currently. It’s become an eminent name due to its quality of work it produces is incredibly impressive in terms of adding audio, adjusting video colors, and so on. While its capabilities are numerous and effective, this is a no-cost application and the most user-friendly when in comparison with other tools for editing.


When it comes to FilmoraGo it’s impossible to not be able to Pro HD quality videos. They are masterpieces. When uploading files, you can select resolution parameters like 1440p (2560×1440) or 1080p (1920×1080), … The resolution that this program has outperformed other similar tools by 2160p, with a particular dimension of 3840×2160. With this feature, users do not have to be concerned about uploading files to other programs that blur, and affecting quality.

Your image of your life will be reproduced the most vivid and realistic video. This app connects directly to the aforementioned chain of apps which are the most popular among young people of today, such as Facebook, Instagram, even Tik Tok and many different names like WhatsApp, Youtube, etc. It is the most popular choice for freelancers who work and communicate with customers via video. Once you’re finished editing, you are able to upload your videos onto YouTube in Pro HD quality.


The professional experience of editing video starts with a fascinating toolbox. FilmoraGo promises to provide users by offering the best editing tools. What can you use this program for? It allows users to utilize built-in filters or create your own colors on your films. Let your video be distinctive with effects, lighting and temperature balance adjustments as well as other parameters.

The first is that, by using a sequence of short videos set in different settings and for different people, users can mix the videos into one seamless. In addition to joining the videos, users are able to completely remove unwanted video clips that look like faulty components. Additionally your video is aligned before being put into an aspect ratio system that has various ratios that are suitable to the platform you intend to upload your video to. Thanks to this feature it is not necessary to be concerned about being cut automatically in width or length due to the wrong aspect ratio of your target application.


If a video is comprised of all images, it’s known as a photo album right? Also important is the audio system. The audio in this case is perceived as audio that is present from the source video and then the audio is added. Users can cut the audio from the original video, and then insert it in a different form of audio like recordings, songs and live-dubbing.

FilmoraGo’s music store has a variety in terms of genre, the quantity of music and its quality. Users can also utilize their own music and make a distinctive sound for their work. Music quality, voice quality when combined, can be customized to the speed and tone. This app is perfect for those who are new to the technology since the process has been made easier with simple symbols and letters.


Videos that offer helpful information for viewers, or films from abroad which require subtitles are a must. FilmoraGo lets users insert subtitles in a simple way. With a range in fonts, fonts available, users are spoilt for choice and are able to select the one that is most appropriate. Additionally, the effect of subtitles appearing are also very attractive. The position of subtitles and the colors and colors. are up to the creativity and imagination of the viewer.

In order to create the most attractive and appealing video, viewers can add stickers and emoticons. With cute expressions viewers will be amazed by the thrilling and stunning video that it provides. Additionally the cut image is included in the video. For instance, if you wish to refer to the location, a name, … you could add the image. It is easier for people to imagine the thing you wish to refer to.

We continue to improve our software to deliver the best experience for our clients. With the most recent release, 6.1.0, the application has been updated with a couple of new features. A draft box was designed to assist users in being able to discern between the insufficient video files and fully-formed video file. The resource system that includes features like typography, effects, fonts and color tones have been made complete.