Evan’s Remains v1.2.32 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked) Download

Evan’s Remains v1.2.32 MOD APK (Full Game Unlocked) Download

Category: Puzzle - Publisher: Whitethorn Games - App Name: Evan's Remains

Last version: 1.2.32

Size: 117M
MOD Info: Full Game Unlocked
Update: 2021/10/24
Get it On:
1.2.17 - MOD
1.2.6 - MOD
1.2.32 - Original

Are you someone who loves to travel, go on adventures and journeys to solve questions, and solve a mystifying series of puzzles that nobody has discovered to achieve the ultimate objective of finding out the truth? The missing boy has been a mystery for years, Evans Remains is a good option. This game is designed to test your wits and will take you from shock to delight.

Evan's Remains


While it’s an unimportant game, it provides many advantages. It can be played after each hour of gruelling work or extremely stressful studies It will also give you a more relaxed and exciting mood. Additionally, this is an exercise that can assist you in improving your memory, increase your understanding, agility in your thinking, gestures and even actions. One of the most important things we’d like to mention in this article is that if your child participates in this game, it will help them improve their brain function which will make his brain considerably more flexible. Additionally, to these advantages that come with playing, you’ll experience lots of enjoyment and laughter. You may also encounter a mystifying and fascinating things that suddenly occur that will take you from surprise to amazement.


The creator has been extremely refined in designing the outdoors scenes. The areas you walk in appear very much like real reality which gives you the impression of being on the game screen. It’s easy to concentrate on. It is easier to figure out the answer. The character and the scene are designed in a novel, fresh approach that doesn’t align with any other games. The player can select one of two characters according to your gender every character is going to possess distinct traits and unique capability.