Elroi: Defense War v1.16.11 MOD APK (Free Summoning)

Elroi: Defense War v1.16.11 MOD APK (Free Summoning)

Category: Strategy - Publisher: Ninetap - App Name: Elroi: Defense War

Last version: 1.16.11

Size: 188M
MOD Info: Free Summoning
Update: 2021/11/06
Get it On:
1.16.05 - MOD
1.16.04 - MOD
1.16.06 - MOD
1.16.07 - MOD
1.16.08 - MOD
1.16.09 - MOD
1.16.10 - MOD
1.16.11 - MOD

Elroi Defense War offers a two-dimensional image that lets players experience direct combat between two lines of attack. The images are handled with care, and players will appreciate. Additionally, the scenery and the environment of the game are captivating and, although it doesn’t alter the screen of the game It also offers exciting new experiences as you go to different locations.

Elroi : Defense War

Apart from finding strength, constructing an imposing fortress is something that everyone can dream of. As time passes your fortresses will eventually be expanded completely as well as, simultaneously the amount of HP will increase as well. This allows you to stand up to strong attacks from your enemies completely and extend the time to create new characters. You will surely love this game.


Elroi: Defense War revolves around a strategy-based game and character summoning that anyone can enjoy because of the enjoyment it brings. Each character requires the same amount of resources. And these resources will increase with time. In parallel, players gather a variety of characters with various characteristics and expand the size of their fortress. You will definitely be enthralled by the combat.