Earthquake Network Pro v11.11.1 (Paid)

Earthquake Network Pro v11.11.1 (Paid)

Category: Weather - Publisher: Francesco Finazzi - App Name: Earthquake Network Pro

Last version: 11.11.1

Size: 9M
MOD Info: Full/Paid
Update: 2021/11/07
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11.11.1 - Paid

Earthquake Network Pro is an application that offers many advantages to its users. It’s a well-known name because of the numerous impressive features this app offers. The most comprehensive application that provides earthquake alerts and forecasts , it helps users plan and take prevent incidents that are due to earthquakes. Earthquakes pose danger to human health This app lets you to forecast and solves problems that arise from them.


Recent earthquakes have caused massive damages to property and to the lives of people. The reason for the publisher in creating Earthquake Network Pro is to satisfy the requirements of users. States that are susceptible to earthquakes have a huge need for accurate forecasting for natural catastrophes. This is also the principal reason for this app’s amazing.

???? Earthquake Network Pro – Realtime alerts


Due to the accelerometer sensor in smartphones, the company has come up with Earthquake Network Pro. It provides fast and precise earthquake prediction , users are able to quickly take appropriate measures. According to research, earthquakes are able to travel 5-10km at per hour, therefore the application can alert users about dangerous waves and levels of earthquake. In the event that an earthquake occurs and is small There are different ways to deal with it. In contrast, if the earthquake is powerful the person must take action to stay out of danger.

Through this application when there is an earthquake, the users can communicate with one another. It is possible to chat with the application to keep up-to-date with the situation regarding earthquakes with your family members and friends. In addition the application will also update the exact area of the earthquake and the magnitude. This is extremely helpful for the user in order to prevent accidents.

Utilize Earthquake Network Pro to get assistance from the agencies following an earthquake. Users will undergo a thorough practice before terrifying earthquakes.