Dunidle: Idle RPG Pixel v6.4.6 MOD APK (No Cost)

Dunidle: Idle RPG Pixel v6.4.6 MOD APK (No Cost)

Category: Role Playing - Publisher: ARMII Games - App Name: Dunidle: Idle RPG Pixel

Last version: 6.4.6

Size: 79M
MOD Info: No Cost
Update: 2021/11/07
Get it On:
6.3.8 - MOD
6.3.7 - MOD
6.4.1 - Original
6.4.2 - MOD
6.4.1 - MOD
6.4.2 - Original
6.4.4 - MOD
6.4.6 - MOD

Idle games are usually enjoyed due to the convenience and ease of use they offer players with respect to each game or idea. This article will present Dunidle, also known as Idle RPG Pixel is uninvolved game, which makes use of the dungeon idea as well as fantasy world settings that allow players to explore at any time and anywhere even when they sleep. The most impressive aspect of this game is that it offers constant upgrades, while also creating new maps or content for players to battle or locate a myriad of scarce resources.

Dunidle: Pixel RPG Idle 8 Bit 2D AFK Dungeon Games


Dunidle can make the world more vibrant and captivating by constructing many pieces of equipment, or rare relics, each with its own unique capabilities. Additionally, as players continue to gather rare items that they have, they can use their unique abilities and upgrade their external elements to unlock even more possibilities. If players accumulate too many unnecessary equipment, they may throw it into the furnace, creating stronger equipment for every hero. Naturally, players are able to improve the equipment forever and even pass on their abilities to other players who have the same characteristics and so on.


The journey of the player through Dunidle is mostly about navigating diverse dungeons and mining in them, such as monsters, minerals and other. The game also allows players to unlock new dungeons depending on the player’s level and each one has its own unique combat style. The game is able to improve the difficulty of dungeons indefinitely and players can continuously change between different dungeons in order to accumulate the resources required to support their own or the hero’s growth. As they advanced deeper into the dungeons, imposing creatures and rare rewards would always keep players entertained.

Dunidle has a simple gameplay and graphics, and employs the well-known idle mechanism to improve the time players spend. Additionally, nearly every game is fully automated, and players are able to take pleasure in endless adventures through dungeons of different types in this fantastic game.