DomiNations v9.980.982 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Food/Oli)

DomiNations v9.980.982 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Food/Oli)

Category: Strategy - Publisher: NEXON M Inc. - App Name: DomiNations

Last version: 9.980.982

Size: 115M
MOD Info: Unlimited Gold/Food/Oli
Update: 2021/11/07
Get it On:
9.930.930 - MOD V1
9.920.921 - MOD V2
9.920.921 - MOD V2
9.970.970 - Original
9.970.971 - Original
9.970.975 - Original
9.980.980 - Original
9.980.982 - Original

DomiNations (MOD Unlimited Gold, Food/Oli) includes all the best aspects of the genre of strategy offering players endless entertainment due to its intricate and engaging gameplay.

In the current world of games there are plenty of choices for players. They are also categorized by preferences and age groups. If you are interested in the genre of strategy games DomiNations is a must. It is a mix of different feelings for the players including tension, joy, … With strategies and plans for building the kingdom of a small town. It’s a good thing that the publisher Big Huge Games gives back to the players. Therefore, everyone should spend a few minutes to study the specifics of this game!


A game of strategy that is successful can give players the impression that they are part of a kingdom of an expanding empire. In the game of DomiNations, players will feel the fullness of being in a kingdom. With the success of building graphics, Big Huge Games has been made available to players an entirely new world. It features vivid and crisp 3D graphics, Big Huge Games was the first game to show empathy to players. The high quality displayed in the character creation within the game from the costumes to players’ gestures, is extremely real.

Particularly the image of huge and majestic castles, players are certainly cautious and extremely excited. The vast and well-furnished castle is the location for the mission and the fierce battles which players must win. Images of tanks and various types of weapons are featured into the games in a well-organized manner. Other tiny details like roads, trees and the surrounding areas are also beautifully decorated. This brings success to the game and because it has a sound system that is extremely effective, in particular of the effects, it is the perfect combination to ensure the overall success in the gameplay.


While not requiring players learning how to play the game, the system will outline key points to assist players in joining the game the most quickly. The game’s screen system will display icons to move, aim shooting, various vehicles, or weapons you enjoy playing with. This means that the player is an easy shooter. The player must choose the appropriate weapon to eliminate the adversary quickly.

There will be a distinct method that each adversary will take on us. Players must be familiar with their own handling. The enemies could be a group of soldiers of the civil war who wish to take advantage of the players’ powerful empire, or could be enemies featured in the game. The players can also earn rare rewards that allow them to improve their country’s infrastructure to make it more modern. The aim for DomiNations is to transform an unspoiled, small country into an expanding empire and ensure its safety. Thus, players must come up with their own smart and effective strategies.


If you are asked to describe the draw for players playing DomiNations the answer is likely the variety of maps that are constantly updated and upgraded. In particular, the game features the entire 8 main maps that is, 8 different nations that players can choose from and explore. The main reason one is the British nation has the benefit of growing loot by 5 percent when fighting other nations, along with the benefit of shooting the most far in the game.

If the player wishes to keep attacking using Longbowmen, the combination and the country advantage gives you an edge during and after the fight, the additional resources will allow you to grow faster. 5percent may not sound like a lot, but when you think more time passes you’ll get more than you think when there are more than just one resource types. The next is China as a country that is suitable to play defensive and balanced styles of play as well as attack and defense. The countries that are included: France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Korea, Rome. Each country has its own method of building, and therefore players must use a distinct construction method to find the unique and unique.


To make an effective game, the creator will always be evolving and offering gamers more options than prior versions. The game allows players to traverse different periods of history starting beginning with to the Stone Age, hunter-gatherer to the present day, understanding the way of life and modern weaponry. In addition to these times, there are changes in the ranks of the game. The higher the rank that players are at, the more they be able to access more cultures and help make to make their nation to become more advanced. Develop and explore across all areas: the political, cultural, economic and historical. Develop strategies to protect your business.

In addition, DomiNations offers players more than simply playing the challenges of the game, but also exploring the past, economy and culture of the centuries and across nations.