Disney Frozen Free Fall v11.0.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Lives)

Disney Frozen Free Fall v11.0.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Lives)

Category: Puzzle - Publisher: Jam City - App Name: Disney Frozen Free Fall

Last version: 11.0.2

Size: 134M
MOD Info: Unlimited Boosters
Update: 2021/11/03
Get it On:
10.8.0 - MOD
10.7.2 - MOD
10.9.1 - MOD
10.9.0 - MOD
10.9.2 - MOD
11.0.2 - MOD

If you’re a lover of Disney’s cult animated film and you love the Disney Frozen movie, then the Disney Frozen: Free Fall game is the perfect game for you. It is an opportunity to explore the world of these characters and meet a variety of different characters. However it’s not something you can do in a short time since you’ll need to finish the levels that have additional requirements. Also, be assured that this will be an exciting experience for you.

Disney Frozen Free Fall – Play Frozen Puzzle Games

It is necessary to score an amount of points at certain levels. If you score the required amount of points during a particular move, you will be able to pass the stage. However, for the majority of the time it is not uncommon for anyone to go over this level. But it is sometimes necessary to remove objects that appear in the upper part of the field. And over time the objects will drop to the lower levels. This is why anyone is able to tell when they disappear.


As previously mentioned the players must go through the various stages within Disney Frozen Free Fall, and for a specific amount of turns, they must perform moves that create an asymmetrical sequence or generate distinct elements that break through the ice blocks. It’s not a novel technique where unique elements are made by combining three or more components of the identical kind and, depending on the number of elements, they’ll have distinct roles. Additionally, certain elements also can create stunning interactions.

In addition to the distinct factors you need to take into consideration one more thing that you must consider will be the support system of your game. There are a variety of support that you could encounter in the game for example, a snowball that will boost your movement as well as an icepick to assist you in destroying any two ice cubes that you desire. Additionally, based on your character, you’ll receive particular supports like Anna’s torch, which can break eight consecutively connected cubes of ice.


When playing Disney Frozen Free Fall, you’ll go through a variety of levels that have different objectives and have to complete certain aspects in order to move on to your next stage. Each level is rated which is which is represented by the number of stars. The most prestigious score is three. In other words, based on how you perform in the game, you will get the same amount of stars. the bar for stars is located near the top of the field which allows you to quickly check the amount you’ve earned.

One other aspect that will please everyone is the variety of characters the players get to know and work with to conquer the challenges. Each of the companions has a unique purpose that is visible in the screen’s preparation interface. Furthermore, as you progress through the game you’ll be able to go through a variety of levels and meet characters like Elsa, Olaf, and others.