Crab War v3.37.0 MOD APK (Infinite Pearls)

Crab War v3.37.0 MOD APK (Infinite Pearls)

Category: Adventure - Publisher: Appxplore (iCandy) - App Name: Crab War

Last version: 3.37.0

Size: 92M
MOD Info: Infinite Pearls
Update: 2021/11/05
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3.34.0 - MOD
3.35.0 - Original
3.36.0 - Original
3.36.0 - MOD
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3.36.1 - MOD
3.37.0 - MOD

Combat action games are well-known to players since they see the variety of these games available. Games of combat between monsters or people There are a lot of them on the market to try. However, if a player wants something unique, Crab War is one that can provide it. This is not a traditional battle, this time players will get to witness sea creatures , and in particular the crabs. Amazing battles await players, something is not possible to experience in a game. the player.

Crab War (MOD, Infinite Pearls)

Idle Swarm Evolution

For a long time crabs were animals that lived on the ground and they lived peacefully for centuries. However, one day, a new animal was discovered and began attacking the crab, stealing this ground. They consume crab meat and cause crabs to move underground to discover new life. However, over time the crab accidentally absorbed the radioactive energy from the crystal of magic power. The crystal grants crabs new abilities to combat reptiles, and also regain the power they once had.

The gameplay is simple but easy to create addictive

In contrast to other games, players have to manage their characters in order to fight In this particular game, gamers just must tap the screen. The only thing a player has does is to press the screen to signal for the crabs and attack an adversaries. The more quickly you tap the screen, the more crabs appear and attack, then swiftly destroy the opponent. The player’s enemy appears in a constant manner and the player has to keep tapping to take on the opponent, and the game will not end until the player is done with the game.

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Power up and unlock new crabs

The more levels that are completed the reptiles will gain greater power and will be able to eat crab warriors who are commanded by the player. Therefore, players must increase the power of the crab to ensure that they can take out the enemies. Additionally, once a player has reached a certain level, they can unlock new crabs and they will have much more capacity.