Cat Force v0.40.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Energy/Money)

Cat Force v0.40.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Energy/Money)

Category: Puzzle - Publisher: Playtika - App Name: Cat Force

Last version: 0.40.0

Size: 108M
MOD Info: Unlimited Energy/Money
Update: 2021/11/05
Get it On:
0.36.2 - MOD
0.36.1 - MOD
0.37.0 - MOD
0.37.1 - MOD
0.38.0 - MOD
0.38.0 - Original
0.40.0 - MOD

Casual games typically have a lot of simple components in their gameplay but they easily draw in a large number of players and provide them with the most captivating contents. Many games also make use of the fundamental elements to make them more imaginative and to introduce players to new ideas. The match-3 genre has the most promising and can be explored endlessly. this article will present Cat Force, combat game that makes use of puzzle elements to delight everyone. The match-3 genre is increasingly popular and is utilized in a lot of games nowadays; They aren’t overly popular, but are also embraced by the community of players.

Cat Force – PvP Match 3 Puzzle Game


The genre of role-playing combat employs match-3 puzzles as its principal content. It often focussed more on strategies rather than any other aspect. The army of the enemy will constantly alter to make it harder for the player. one of the best ways to beat them is to utilize their unique tactics and defeat their basic elements. Furthermore the game introduces an array of equipment and equipment that can be used as support, and have many excellent uses for players to investigate and utilize effectively at any level. The game will offer helpful tips and strategies for each specific cat, which will help players take down the opponent’s team to get the best score they can.


Cat Force recognizes the endless possibilities for growth of the genre of match-3 puzzles that provides players with endless adventures and the most exciting entertainment. The game will have different game modes, as well as fun events and activities that players can take part in. Events offer players to win rare rewards, or adorable and hilarious heroes who have special abilities. Players can play the events and match-3 puzzles for hours and can have fun having fun doing whatever they want to do to have amusement.


The PvP combat system differs from the main campaign which use turn-based tactics. The game will automatically trigger hidden functions once the player matches the cats. Although it’s not the most appealing, every player is given the same time limit for each turn, and their primary goal is to get the required score prior to the opponent. Any way to win is feasible, since it is a game of match-3 that demands that the player be able to perform well in every situation. PvP battles are fun and players are able to obtain rare items to improve their adorable and hilarious cats.


The characters in this game have cute animals but have more impressive characteristics and stats than other units. They also display certain elements that attract players. When players engage on battles they are able to only play one hero, thus upgrading and altering equipment to gain greater combat power. The game is always filled with fascinating and innovative elements, making it the perfect blend of RPG and puzzles to allow players to explore the possibilities that are available in the adventure.

Cat Force is developed to bring fun to players playing with friends using an innovative and fun match-3 mechanic and introduces fresh concepts that players haven’t had before. Additionally, the game constantly schedules online events and events that offer generous rewards, offering players a variety of options to play the game and experience RPG as well as match 3 puzzles’ classic.