Buddy.ai: English for Kids v2.86.1 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Buddy.ai: English for Kids v2.86.1 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Category: Education - Publisher: AI Buddy Inc. - App Name: Buddy.ai: English for Kids

Last version: 2.86.1

Size: 135M
MOD Info: All Unlocked
Update: 2021/10/30
Get it On:
2.81 - MOD
2.68 - MOD
2.65 - MOD
2.83.0 - Original
2.84.0 - Original
2.84.1 - Original
2.85.0 - Original
2.85.2 - Original
2.86.0 - Original
2.86.1 - Original

Language education for foreigners is always a popular topic in the world, since different cultures from all over the world are now being dispersed across the globe, and new languages are expected to be available to all. Educational apps for children are always a hit and created to effectively entice children to learn different languages. If you’re a responsible parent, Buddy.ai is a trusted companion to help children develop their language skills. The best part is that the app works with entertainment and education elements to extend children’s learning time, while also igniting their interest for new languages.


Buddy.ai: English for kids (MOD, All Unlocked)

Children who are first introduced to the language of another will be initially awed, but they will eventually become used to and become accustomed to a new environment. Additionally, Buddy.ai will launch the pronunciation program and will interact via voice. The app is designed with an intelligent AI called Buddy will allow users to be able to test their pronunciation and converse with others. The users will always enjoy the most enjoyable learning experience and the app makes sure that the best quality of learning and offers a comfortable setting for children to master proper pronunciation.

Buddy.ai is among the most loved apps for teaching children about the possibility of accessing international languages. In recent times, many establishments have started to offer the culture and provide new experiences, which means the element of foreign languages is becoming more crucial. Everyone wants his child to be successful in a positive atmosphere. So, learning an additional language is crucial even if it’s not deep, but a basic understanding can suffice to keep an ongoing conversation. If you’re a loving parent to your child and family members, then Buddy.ai is the best virtual tutor available across any platforms.