Beat Racing v1.5.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Beat Racing v1.5.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Category: Music - Publisher: Badsnowball Limited - App Name: Beat Racing

Last version: 1.5.6

Size: 71M
MOD Info: Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Update: 2021/10/24
Get it On:
1.5.3 - MOD V1
1.5.2 - MOD V2
1.5.4 - MOD V2
1.5.6 - Original
1.5.6 - MOD V2


You’re a speed-loving person who is a lover of learning trendy, fashionable and fashionable sports cars. Alongside it is his passion for the music industry, intense music DJ or fast-paced, non-verbal beats. You have an individuality, who would like to express yourself, take on obstacles. Maybe the sport beat racing is a good option that will please all.

Beat Racing


Fans will be amazed by the music selection within the game, featuring hundreds of songs that range from traditional to modern as well as lively to tender that will satisfy all players’ preferred genres. The creator has been researching and purchasing copyrighted great and popular songs around the world to improve and update the game on a regular basis. If the player spots an error or mismatch when the producer places an arrow in blue at an incorrect time, which results in the song going out of sync, they are able to respond or make a comment. The producer will work to fix and make it perfect. There’s much more new music available to listen to enjoy, and to experience.


You’re a person who is curious and is knowledgeable about cars, specifically vehicles that are modern, youthful and athletic style. Beat racing is an important guide for gamers as there are a variety of brand new vehicles from various manufacturers around the world being introduced to the game. Through the comments and reviews of car owners, game’s manufacturers are focused on making modern, efficient vehicles that players would like to own. The cars also carry the correct model, name and company name. Display your hand dexterity, musical sensation.

The game’s play is straightforward, however, overcoming obstacles and overcoming your own limitations is crucial. In playing the game of beat racing you’ll also test your control , agility, and precision. Each person’s perspective of music. The graphics in the game are created in 3D and provide a unique experience invigorating and inspiring players. The perfect blend of the sound and lighting effects will help players to not become bored. With all the amazing games features why are you wasting time to do? Download the game to show off and surpass your personal limits.