Beat Legend: AVICII v1.2 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

Beat Legend: AVICII v1.2 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

Category: Music - Publisher: Atari - App Name: Beat Legend: AVICII

Last version: 1.2

Size: 792MB
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Update: 2021/10/24
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1.2 - Full

A rhythm game that will captivate the players who play it, as it gives them the stunning music of AVICII Beat Legend the AVICII. It will be a time to immerse your self in the world of music of every song performed by the late musician. In the same way it is a fun game to be played since there are numerous hits that have had huge success and it will remind players of a truly skilled musician.

The spaceship always moves forward and you’ll have to coordinate the elements that are in front of you to form combinations. However, the game’s gameplay isn’t just contained within a plane in which there are endless circles, but also in the space in which the plane could launch. It is possible to say that the planes you travel through will become the locations for spacecrafts to launch and then travel a specific distance before landing, and will continue to face new challenges.


In the course of playing Beat Legend: AVICII, the amount of circles that you can will see on the spaceship won’t be fixed, but it changes each time you launch and reach the ground. The increased number of circles signifies that the number of components that you must match will grow. However there are many kinds of circles falling from above. They could be particular circles, and you could tap them when they reach the bottom ring.

In addition to the previously crucial component, there will be circles that have tails or arrows that point in the same direction. One could say that at the start of the game the velocity of these elements may appear to be quite slow. However, with time, you’ll be able take your eyes off of them. Additionally, once your plane takes off in air there will be circles it has to pass through. It is essential to bring the spacecraft to the right location to go through it in a breeze.