Beat Fire v1.1.79 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Beat Fire v1.1.79 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Category: Music - Publisher: Adaric Music - App Name: Beat Fire

Last version: 1.1.79

Size: 40M
MOD Info: Unlimited Coins
Update: 2021/11/03
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1.1.70 - MOD
1.1.69 - MOD
1.1.71 - MOD
1.1.72 - Original
1.1.73 - MOD
1.1.74 - MOD
1.1.75 - MOD
1.1.76 - MOD
1.1.77 - MOD
1.1.78 - MOD
1.1.79 - MOD

Beat Fire creates great musical events and calms players by providing exciting challenging rhythm-based challenges.

Are you a fan of music and games too? Why not play rhythm-based games? They let players take in the music while performing certain impressive actions in order to improve the game. Furthermore, this genre offers numerous variations that make this kind of game very diverse and players can play the game they prefer best. The game Beat Fire uses weapons in combination with music to provide thrilling and innovative gameplay for players. The game is downloaded more than five million times, which is a substantial amount after just a short time of it was released. The game is constantly receiving lots of praise and positive experiences it provides to players. The game is considered to be one of the top games that is based on rhythm.

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One-tap control, easy to play

The game’s gameplay will include extremely diverse within the game modes, and in addition to the default game mode, players will also be able to develop their skills by playing other games. Each game mode comes with distinct rules and players have to finish it with the highest scores to be rewarded with a variety of rewards. Certain modes can be considered as a way of enhancing your reflexes. These modes slowly increase the drop speed of the tiles. once they are completed, they will use the player’s highest performance as a benchmark, and awards will be given according to the record.

The game has many things for players to try as well as frequently update new songs each week, allowing players to try. Every new song as well as the most loved ones will be uploaded to the main page for players. It will also feature numerous challenges with numerous rewards to help players progress to the next level in the game. If you’re a music lover and are looking to test your reflexes and reflexes, you’ll find that “Beat Fire” will be the perfect choice for you.