Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers v5.2.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers v5.2.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Category: Productivity - Publisher: AMdroid Alarm Clock - No more oversleep - App Name: Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Last version: 5.2.0

Size: 11M
MOD Info: Premium Unlocked
Update: 2021/10/28
Get it On:
5.1.1 build 266 - Premium/Extra
5.1.0 build 262 - Premium/Extra
5.0.0 build 258 - Premium/Extra
5.2.0 - Premium/Extra

An alarm is an extremely useful and effective tools to get people up from their sleep and get ready for the day ahead. However, many people suffer from issues with their health and can’t get up even if you set an alarm. They are more likely to stay tardy to work and then sleep until noon or even in the after lunch. This article is written for people who usually sleepy but are looking to make a change by getting up earlier at the beginning of each day. We present to you the Alarm clock designed for Sleepers who are Heavy created to get you up with a more booming sound than the usual. The alarms that come with these devices can only go up to a specific maximum level and might not even get the user up immediately, however, things will be different with this app.


If the user is living unstable lifestyle the user will require many user profiles within their Alarm Clock. Each profile will automatically save various settings, including alarm time and alarm pattern duration, ringtone and many more. The creation of multiple profiles gives users many benefits and even making it easier to modify alarm settings. Based on the following day’s agenda, they can immediately change their alarm settings and not wake up even when the day is not unoccupied.


Alarm Clock is programmed to get users up in the morning to keep track of their sleep progress and snoring level. The app will determine whether the user suffers from any ailments that result from sleeping insufficiently, based on recordings of snoring and recorded audio. The app is supervised by health professionals and prepared to offer users sensible suggestions to live a healthier lifestyle through sleeping.

Alarm Clock is designed to awaken users from sleeping, allowing them to have an enjoyable and healthy day. The operation mechanism is simple and will awaken the user by generating a huge amount of noise. It also integrates numerous other appealing features that allow users to customize it to provide the most enjoyable user experience .