AdDirector v3.1.1 APK + MOD (Premium Subscription)

AdDirector v3.1.1 APK + MOD (Premium Subscription)

Category: Video Players & Editors - Publisher: Cyberlink Corp - App Name: AdDirector

Last version: 3.1.1

Size: 65M
MOD Info: Premium Subscription
Update: 2021/10/29
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2.5.0 - Premium
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3.0.0 - Premium
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3.1.1 - Premium

AdDirector video Maker for Business is a tool for semi-professional editors as well as filmmakers who are able to create top quality videos with the lightest of tools.

We welcome you to AdDirector: Video Maker to Business. It is which is a product of Cyberlink Corp in the category Video Players and Editors. This application is designed to aid human beings in editing video. It allows users to cut the video, combine it, and even alter to the hue of the footage. It even allows video effects to match the particular nature of the subject. As you enter the world of this program, you’ll be thrilled to show your imagination in every type of typography, every video’s content, and the format of the video, and more. The application emphasizes the importance of advertising using visuals. Video format makes everything accessible to the user to create the most captivating promotional video, as well as the most captivating slideshow.

AdDirector: Video Maker for Business


The tools that users can access include hundreds of items. You can find hundreds of frames templates, typography samples text colors, fonts as well as fonts. Additionally, it also provides you animated effects that are fun that enhance the quality of your work. AdDirector’s world is like a world of photo editing software as it lets users alter the color of their video by adjusting the light and dark tones, as well as balance light and primary color tones, and customize colors and parameters of your video and produce stunning video colors which is in line with the style you’ve set for yourself. The publisher of the application has introduced frames and dimensions that work well with today’s popular social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as other popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

It’s not only an all-encompassing aspect it includes Subtle for specific alternatives like Facebook posts, Facebook avatar, or Facebook cover image. The reason behind these requests is that there’ll be different sizes in terms of length and width for the various options above. If there’s an mistake in the size ratio of the video when uploading to social network forums, the video will appear blurred, unclear, and leave a bad impression on viewers. Even tiny details may not be made clear, leading to loss of information from the video. Thus, this is one of the strengths of the software.


Alongside the simple control system, video editing capabilities using AdDirector are also optimized. In just three steps, you can create an audio or video to your job. The steps, as a result require you to select the video template users believe will be compatible with the contents of the original video. and then modify the text colors, font, and color.

In the second step in step two, the application permits users to express themselves creatively. After that, you can export the video to share it on social media systems already connected with the application , or save it to your library. One of the advantages of the second step is that users can design their own logo and insert into the video or use one of the existing logos.


After the initial release of AdDirector the application has been updated. Cyberlink Corp has released the most current version, 2.2. The program is back and more powerful than ever with appealing features that entice users to keep using this software for editing videos. For instance, you can add borders and shadows to the images in the video. This can help your products make a stronger impression. In addition The application can also assist users with template selection by suggesting the best templates for your company.

The variety of templates available is not just huge, but also varied in content. Therefore, no matter what subject you’d like to create videos around, this app will assist users in everything from travel, cars fashion, health, and politics, and more. Each month, the apps will offer ever-changing models to meet the ever-growing demands of the users.

In addition to the images that are included in the movie, the music also is also an essential element to make the whole video. The music system is included to the application, and includes offline and online. Users can create in accordance with their capabilities.