Acid Girls’ Escape v1.0.12 APK + MOD (Free Tips)

Acid Girls’ Escape v1.0.12 APK + MOD (Free Tips)

Category: Adventure - Publisher: Yotalien Games - App Name: Acid Girls' Escape

Last version: 1.0.12

Size: 27M
MOD Info: Full/Paid
Update: 2021/10/28
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1.0.10 - PAID

Acid Girls Escape is an interactive game that blends gore and horror elements to increase the player’s enjoyment by way of time or specific actions. It is, in essence, the traditional retro graphics engine that makes everything more vibrant and compelling so that players can discover amazing things. The game’s primary content will be constantly developed and will provide players with lots of entertainment and new ideas to accomplish the objective.

Acid Girls' Escape


A well-known feature of point-n’-click genres such as Acid Girls Escape is that they require gamers to engage with all aspects of the surroundings to discover crucial objects. They may be scattered throughout and some are able to help unlock more problems if they are used with care and include helping the girls. Additionally, players can utilize either the load or save feature to play back each challenge and discover new methods to get past the challenge.


Acid Girls’ Escape demands that the player find the girl’s endings for each one while they traverse a variety of challenges and deaths. This differs than unlocking the death scenes. The love and affection of each girl will improve as the player is able to complete the challenge with the lowest quantity of losses. That demonstrates each girl’s uniqueness of character and emotions which gives players more knowledge and experience when they help girls who have suffered tragic deaths.

The game’s content and the essence Acid Girls’ Escape are centered on solving puzzles and the dread of each death to achieve any feat or achievement. The game also features retro-style graphics to make everything look more impressive and dramatic and adds a fresh color to the narrative and gameplay.